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what causes atomic emission spectra and why does every element have a unique atomic emission spectrum??

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i need background info on this topic and any other info i can get to put together a lab report
OS really misses @JamesJ because I am not qualified to answer these kinds of questions.

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Other answers:

What Physics subject is this?
i dont care if youre not qualified just help anyway :\
its Chemistry
Ah, I see
anything you can get me is great
I'm trying to think of something but nothing comes to mind.
Oh, actually, there is one thing.
anything..look things up if u can too :)
i dont understand anything
@Loujoelou got anything? :\
sry idk anything about it :/
k :\
Every element has its own unique electron configuration. Therefore when you excite an atom the outer most electrons will jump to a higher lever and will then fall back to ground state. Since each atom is different the fall is never the same for any 2 atoms. Hence, different spectra hope tht helps :p
i just read that yahoo answer 2 minutes ago...
it says it in my textbook...
and my cousin also posted it on yahoo :L
lol...dont worry...i just made an answer and IT. IS. AWESOME! :D
lol ok
When matter (atoms) is heated up, the outer most electrons of that atom get excited. Once these electrons wear out of the energy, they release it in the form of light; this light is presented in the form of colorful wavelengths. Since every atom has a different number of electrons, they act differently and release different wavelengths of light. The light is presented in the form of colors but since each atom releases different wavelengths, no two atoms are able to emit the same wavelengths and thus a unique emission spectrum is viewed HOLLAH!! Y(^.^Y)
nice.............did yuh copy and paste this :D
NO -.- ...i used da brain of me
lol nice answer tho :p
Could this go in Chemistry?
yes this is chemistry...i posted this in math because no one goes to chemistry
Gotcha, more math nerds than chem nerds. heh
smh lol jk
no theres just actual people to look at your question in the math sect... chemistry is where u go when ur mom tells u shes leaving you... get the analogy? :P lol
oh thanks @ronocthede i needed that :D
Welcome! :D

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