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I made the debate team, but I'm a crappy debater!! I only made it because I'm a skilled writer $: and there's still one cut to go before the FINAL team... any tips/ideas/pointers?

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I wasn't very good in Debate, but I did learn a few things. These may be basic debating skills that you have heard of before. I'm sure you're looking for something a bit more advanced though, hm? Writing is a wonderful skill. May I ask what the subject(s) of your current debate is/are?
so far, I've really only been to two practices (I can't imagine how I even made it) the first bill we debated was "This house should ban all gangsta rap." and "This house should allow drilling for oil in the arctic." Its unprepared debate so whatever knowledge I have, I have to make do with that. But I find its really hard to fill in three minutes of 'smart sounding' argument when I barely had time to prepare.
Drilling for oil is more fact-based than opinionated, which makes it a better topic to debate over.

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Other answers:

And under normal circumstances would be something I'd love to debate, but we go in unprepared and are not allowed to use any electronics or references for information . So really, I have to walk in talking about the smallest point for three minutes and dragging it out without seeming redundant.
I can try to dig up some information for you, but it all comes down to organizing the most important points. On one hand, oil drilling is a financial scapegoat that produces lots of money and product/consumption. On the other hand, the drilling threatens protected areas of land.
This conversation would be better for the chat guys. Feel free to continue talking, but I will have to close the question because it's off topic for this group. Thanks! Have a nice day! :)
Practice, practice, practice. Even with little information, writing can go a long way. With the information you (can) gather and organize, read aloud to yourself or family/friends. Drink lots of water, no soft drinks. Remain calm. This is repetitively drilled into the mind's of students, but it does work. Deep breaths. If you make a mistake, simply move on, don't dwell on it.
Thank you ! Those tips are something I can try next practice especially the "Don't dwell." part (: and yes I'm going to be practicing in front of the mirror everyday for ten minutes talking about random things to help my speaking style ! Thanks for spending your time on this.

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