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Anybody taking Single Variable right now? Anybody out there? Yoo Hoo!

OCW Scholar - Single Variable Calculus
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i just started today.
I am why? :P
Hold the phone, I may have spoke too soon! Seems I've lost my sense of trigonometric identity and my quadratic equation has four flats. Looks like I needs a little refresher before I start the single variable calculus course. I'm headed off to reacquaint myself with algebra and trig or it'll come back to bite me in the asymptote. Sorry guys, I was trying to start up a study group, but in the words of the (former) Governor of California, 'I'll be back!'

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Other answers:

I never took trigonometry in highschool so at the very least I'll have to step back and refresh occasioinally as I go along.
Dude! (Einbert) OK, this is just my opinion and all, but I got halfway into definite integrals and BOOM! there they were, trigonometric identities, looming large, heads in the clouds, ready to crush anyone who didn't know their middle names. I got crushed. Repeatedly. This time, brother, I'm goin' in prepared. I will observe the enemy, I will study the enemy, I will BECOME the enemy! Know thy trigonometry! That's all I'm sayin'
Now that I think about it, Algebra is Scylla to Trig's Charybdis. (Translation:they're a two-headed monster.) You'd better know both really well 'cause most of the Calc mistakes you make and never know are Algebraic and those times your horse refuses the jump, it's Trig. (Translation: you come to a complete stop working a problem and can't go on).
been doing this SINGLE VARIABLE CALCULUS for 4yrs now iam hoping to get enlightenment
This is the most amusing string of posts I've seen here. And nice reference to Greek mythology.
Why thank you, young fella! We aims to please. I only wish my math skills were as good as my ability to be stoopid (sic joke). I wish you the best of luck on your college career, may you never do what I did: drop out and "find yourself". You're right there. As perhaps one of the greatest minds of the 20th century said, "Stay in school, Fool!" Word.
Thanks bro will do. College sounds daunting yet fun.
Best 20 years of my life.
Sorry, my man. I am completely innumerate. I wouldn't take my advice ever and I'm me. I can't imagine other people takin' it. Again, good luck. Over and out. - Remguy

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