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Are others having problems with the Code Academy site today? It refused to continue beyond the first page, crashed, and won't reload.

MIT 6.189 A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python (OCW)
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It's working fine for me.. Try clearing cache.. restart...different browser. I heard alot of issues about the browser though.
clear history
Sweet by any chance can you help me with my question?

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Other answers:

No... sorry. Looks like you are ahead of me. I am using Firefox for the MOOC class. it is the only thing I have there. Everything else is in Safari.
Cleared history. Still won't lead. Get black screen with "500 Error. We're sorry. Looks like we dropped the ball on this one." Tried opening it in Safari and got the same message. Bad sign.
I did manage to complete the Python mini course a couple weeks back but not without some difficulty. Sometimes the site would just freeze and then I would have to come back to it later or the next day. I don't know what's going to happen when a large number of users hit it at the same time...
Thanks! It did come back after some time. The problem was definitely with their site since it happened in both Safari and Firefox. I guess I had better follow your example and do the exercises before the crowd gets to large.
Hi all, yes, Codecademy has been experiencing some of the symptoms you describe. Please do keep in mind that they've been working like crazy over there to get ready for this (we've seen smoke!) and that the Python exercises are still in Beta. Generally if the site is not functioning, try working on another part of the course materials for a while and coming back later--as seems to have worked above. Thanks for your patience.

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