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A little help: After following @RoamingBlue 's very helpful instructions here ( one of our MechMOOCers is still confronted by the following when trying to install Python (From his e-mail): mike@ubuntu:~$ python -V Python 2.6.7 mike@ubuntu:~$ Still have to install Idle... Holding thumbs! One minor nit: the line for i in `cat list`; do apt-get -y install $i; done has to be run as root. I.e. $ sudo su password... # for i in `cat list`; do apt-get -y install $i; done Any thoughts?
MIT 6.189 A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python (OCW)
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I'd checks: First, did he install the version of Python he wanted using Pythonbrew? Second, can he find that version in whatever directory Pythonbrew is storing his versions in? Third, if he looks in ./bin under that directory, is the python executable there? If so, is idle? ... If idle is there, he probably needs to repeat the step about updating his .bashrc file. If not, then yes he needs to install idle. I've not used idle under Pythonbrew, though I'm relatively certain Pythonbrew installs it. Like I posted in the link you reference, I highly recommend (and personally use) Wing101 instead.
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The prompt that the user is getting suggests, and the error message confirms, that the installation needs to be done by the super user, root. su is the Substitute User command so that the user can become root in the shell (window) that they're in.
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It's just the command apt-get that has to be performed by the SuperUser. Easiest way is just "sudo su" before the loop (and "exit" after it)

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