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Any one else having problems: OS seems to be randomly reloading the page again. Can be fairly annoying if the reload takes place after you've spent time on a diagram and it wipes it...

OpenStudy Feedback
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yeah me too @shadowfiend please see to it
Seems to be quickly getting worse, frequent 'disconnects', page reloads and failure to post comments...
And then the servers failed on us and OpenStudy was ruined for everyone for all time. In all seriousness, I have trouble access the site. It'll just load infinity. I have to try again or come back in 10 minutes. I think it's an issue with the servers that won't be fixed until OpenStudy pulls in more site traffic and revenue.

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Other answers:

Happens quite often.
@goformit100 I think we've asked you before not to mention admins or moderators in OpenStudy Feedback. The irony of Compassionate's response is that todays troubles have been caused by the fact that we've started blowing past our previous records for concurrent users. The result is that some imperfections in our caching systems on the server are coming to light. We're finding that some operations are causing a lot more I/O than they should. Shadowfiend was working today on mitigating this. We're pumped that our traffic has skyrocketed lately. We're working as quickly as possible to deal with the increased load on the server.
I thought it was a server issue. Farm makes me look stupid once again. I salute you, sir.
Haha. Thanks, I guess? In some respects it is a server issue. But it's not a faulty server, but rather our code is asking the server to do more at once than it can reasonably do. Hence, slowness. I guess that makes it more of an engineering issue. heh.
Sorry, didn't realize it was a traffic issue. Gratz on the visits. It does kind of seem like all this started with the update a few days ago, however...
It's not because there is to little traffic Because there is to much traffic. Am I getting this?
Indeed, Compassionate. @Algebraic! So, traffic has been trending upward for awhile. We're really at a point where we've been hitting critical mass. I would say we started tipping on critical mass a week or two ago. The past few days have been breaking THOSE records in terms of concurrent users. That said, we did notice some weirdness with one of our recent releases. We've been doing some retooling of some mechanisms I wrote. I'm sure Shadowfiend is looking at those when he does his analysis of our performance as well.
Glad to hear that the site is getting so much traffic that it's causing issues. It's not bad, it's actually a good thing.
@farmdawgnation i am sorry , i did it because i too was having the same problem, i too wanted to ask the moderator, what was the actual problem.... Plz Excuse me.
2 YEARS AGO?!?!?!
literally 2 years ago
2 yens :O X_X
yeah -_-

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