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Hello everybody, I have a problem at edX site, I've written my code, and it succeed on Python Shell, but at the time I wrote it in the edX, it gets me back an error.

MIT 6.00 Intro Computer Science (OCW)
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Here's and image from the python shell, check my english please.
1 Attachment
how about your code?
Should I put an image of my code here??

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Other answers:

you are sure it is giving the right answers, but edX is not taking it?
yes, I don't know how to probe it, should I put an image of my code too here?? or through M.P ?
you can send it to me pm I guess
sorry I said mp (spanish from PM). Let me check frist the variable, beacuse I assumed like the enter value from the rates were 0.02 instead of 2, you think it can be an error there?
Bueno, vivo en méxico. Aunque soy de los estados unidos te puedo entender, entonces podrias platicar conmigo en español.
Yo prefereria hablar en inglés de todos modos :)
jajaja que pequeño es el mundo, yo soy de Perú, ok let's talk in english, I want to improve it, i think I found the reason, look how I initialized my variables. balance = 5000 annualInterestRate = 0.18 monthlyPaymentRate = annualInterestRate/12 Minimummonthlypaymentrate = 0.02 totalpaid = 0 updatedbalance = 0 Minimummonthlypayment = 0 I assumed that - for example- annualInterestRate would be enter as 0.18 instead of 18 (%)
why do you have Minimummonthlypayment = 0 and updatedbalance = 0 ?
I think I need to see your code to really get the picture
hahaha I know those are just initialized values from the python code, but what I want you to see is that I create a mess, and I wrote that mess on the edX site.
wait, did you write the value balance = 5000 into the code you entered into edX ?
If you assigned actual parameters to balance and annualInterestRate in the python shell that you use to enter your answer into edX that is the problem. It says in the instructions that the site will assign values to balance and annualInterestRate automatically. Simply do not define them in your answer and you should be okay.
exsactly as Turing says. You must not assign actual parameters to balance and annualInterestRate. Gl!
And the other variables I use let's say "totalpaid" should be initialized??
yes everything else is to be initialized:)
I'll try it again and I'll tell you both, if it work.
This are the correct bind to values right?? balance = 5000 annualInterestRate = 18 monthlyPaymentRate = 2
Well, after 5 attempts, I see the option "See full output", the values were 5000, 0.04 I think and 0.02, not 4 or 2 like I thought! thank you both for the help!! now another question. It says correct, but I have to wait untill I get the "Problem 1: Paying the minimum" mark as done, right?
it should be recorded as soon as you get the green checkmark check the "progress" section to make sure you got your 10 points for the exercise and move on to part 2
Yeah it is now! great :P I'll continue later, Thanks to all!

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