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f... n english iv please help
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After reading "Barbara Allen" and "Lord Randall," you should understand how monstrous behavior can manifest itself because of cruel or inappropriate love. Although there was no stereotypical monster in either of these pieces—like that of Grendel in Beowulf or the Green Knight in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight—hopefully it has become clear that "monsters" can take on many forms. Sometimes, they can even be human! In this assessment, you will explore the theme of monstrous behavior a bit further. Keep in mind all you have read and thought about in this lesson while working through your assignment. Assignment For this assessment, you will take your thoughts from your reading and make a real-world connection. You will be using the RAFT format to create a written response for one of three scenarios provided. RAFT stands for Role, Audience, Format, and Topic. The RAFT formula is just a way to tell you how you'll be writing a piece. Role: This is the point of view you will be writing from. Audience: This is who you will be writing to. Format: This is how you will be writing to them. Topic: This is what you will be writing about. For example, in the second option: You will be writing as yourself, to a friend, in a letter, giving them advice about their relationship. Pick the scenario that interests you the most and create a RAFT response based on how you would address the situation. Remember that you should keep your role and audience in mind as you craft your response. Guidance Counselor Teenage Boy or Girl Guidance Counselor Role Audience Format Topic Guidance Counselor High School Students Public Service Announcement for the student body of your school (can submit written or audio format) You have been asked by the principal to address the student body about inappropriate/abusive relationships. You will turn in a written or audio copy of your address (two to four paragraphs or one to three minutes in length of audio). What will you tell them about the following? why abusive relationships are inappropriate signs of an abusive relationship control/jealousy steps to take what makes a healthy relationship whom to go to for help

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