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I really love the OS logo of the owl so much that I want to use it to make a shirt. Who do I go to so that I can get permission to use it.

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That question can only be fully answered by administration. They will see this post eventually and get to it I'm sure. What I can tell you is that the image of the owl is copyrighted. The use of it without permission, even in slightly modified form, for your avatar or otherwise is copyright infringement.
Ok to give more information. I will not make profit out of the design. A company I work for wants to make shirts for volunteers. The shirt will only be worn in volunteer events so no profit is made out of me or the company.
You know, that would be cool.. As a way to donate or something to OS, you could have merchandise for sale with Owlfred on it, or it would say OpenStudy on it or something... And people could buy it.. That way, you cant say they're using it without permission..

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Other answers:

Yeah I was thinking I can also use the design and give it to OS so they can use it if they wanted to. I've mentioned this before but they responded something in the lines that they are not looking to make any profit soon so this wasn't on their list of things they needed to do.
Sorry, Ryan. Unless we break from our typical pattern, we won't be giving you permission to use the logo. The final call belongs to the board, of course, but the OpenStudy logo and Owlfred are copyright protected. You're more than welcome to use the URL to the site on the shirts, but not the logo. Of course, the rest of the team will see this eventually. If someone higher ranking than me decides it's OK, they'll let you know - but don't plan on it.
Can I ask the reason behind your thoughts?
They are not my thoughts. It's company policy. If I had to speculate, I suspect it would have to do with concern about compromising the brand identity. At least, that would be my reasoning behind it.
Umm I think I kind of get it. Similar to not putting a logo in a company that sells beer because you don't want to be affiliated with a company like that.
He's offering free advertisement. I'd take the offer.
Why not a shirt with OpenStudy written on it? And of course the owl.
I thought OpenStudy already had t-shirts, you know the ones they made themselves?
We ran out. :(
But you still had them:)

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