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Broken to pieces shattered by life too much to take, so much strife. I say that im fine but I know it's a lie, you say you'll listen but my feelings are shy. but I have a reason for what I do I have to trust, To pick and choose. Cause if you try to run over me, you wont do it again. I SWEAR, you'll see.

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love it
lol thx
oohh!!! susan likes ;D

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Other answers:

ME LIKE <3333333333 ;D get it Kiaa <33
haha. idk why but the poems that describe anger sounds really good to me.
i got a poem:D
okay lol
roses are red violets are blue so baby can i fuc.k you? lol
lmfao alex
LOL ;D ahaha so original ;D
ik haha ima do more lol no ima rhyme some more
i got one but i have to delete it really quick ok?
lol oh wow im laughing so hard
oomg goood onneee lolol
ahhahahahaha IKR ;D
i got one :D
kk lol ;D
WOW. lol ;D ermergerd i cant stop luaghing!!!!
ok ok i got one
roses are red viloets are blue some poems rhymes some dont ;D
mhmmmm lol but whatZ/
lol i wouldnt come up with anything d; so i put that ;D
LOLOLOL Smh <333
Very nice...Love it <3 (:
without you im nothing with you im something together were EVERYTHING ;D
lol okay imma post another
its so wet right now plus is to bigk wow ik what you are thinking its not a d!ck lol
LOL ;D HAHAHHAHA ima use that!!
ahahahaha omg
haha ok lol
AWWWW ;D so cute ;D
lol thanx...I sound so little haha:P
ok ima get cute and ish i wrote this 2 years ago to i girl that i liked she was 2 years older lol
A special place for you and me An undying bond to guide us free Loneliness blocking the day Our Love lighting the way Your gentle touch Your smiling face There is no corner No dark place Our passion flowing in the waves My heart stands still Awaiting your pace Our love, withstanding time kisses that u wont forget ik you cant, get me out of your mind There is no place I rather be… Than in your heart and in your dreeams.<3
lol geres some more: i would give u the start to brighten your day and drag down the moon to light your way <3 fire is red this icecream is blue if i had a heart i would give it to u ;D
awwwwww.... thats so sweet (:
ooo cute susan :D
awwwww lol but the poem was sweat but it didnt work-.- she got a nother boy:( sadest day of my life lol good times lol
awh so sad!!!!!!!!!!!
lol its ok i gave the poem to my mom it worked cuuss that day she tooked me to eat ice cream lol
hahaha smart thinkin :P
yeah ik lol
dude, why are you throwing stones at my window? why do u have a phone for? oh sorry your right! why did u throw your phone at my window!?!?
hahahahahahhahh lol wow!
ahahhaha i have another one but i cant put it on here!!
its badd ;D
LOl sure ;D
LOL ;D ahahahaha i love that one !!!
i got a warning:(
awh sorry alex!!!
loll bad alex
Now i am curious...
thats cute lol jk its good
ahaha thx
de nalgas (;
lol thx mija ^_^

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