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Can someone check my answers? 1. The 1930s Dust Bowl in the Great Plains was caused by (1 point) deforestation. contour plowing. using renewable resources. poor farming practices. <- my answer 2. When farming, overgrazing, climate change, and/or seasonal drought change farmland into land that cannot support plant life, it is called (1 point) desertification. <- my answer depletion. deforestation. monoculture.

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Which statement below is NOT true? (1 point) Deforestation makes soil vulnerable to drying out. Deforestation results in loss of roots that stabilize soil. Deforestation prevents desertification. <- my answer Deforestation decreases biodiversity. Of the following, which is the most likely consequence of a manufacturing plant dumping its chemical waste into a nearby stream? (1 point) increased oxygen levels in the water decreased flow rate of the stream loss of a keystone species an algal bloom <- my answer Of the following, which is most likely to result after a farmer sprays his crops with pesticides? (1 point) The crops die. The insect population increases. The soil dries up and blows away. A neighbor’s well tests positive for pesticides. <- my answer The sulfur and nitrogen compounds in smog combine with water to form (1 point) ozone. ammonia. acid rain. <- my answer chlorofluorocarbons. Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless gas. Why is it considered a pollutant? (1 point) It gets into natural waters and kills fish. It promotes algal growth in natural waters. It causes respiratory illness in humans. It increases the warming of the atmosphere. <- my answer 9. Biodiversity is valuable partly because it (1 point) gives us interesting things to look at. tells us about many other species. contributes to medicine and agriculture. <- my answer provides humans with resistance to disease.
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