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I'm just wondering, if there is someone constantly creating problems and doesn't leave other users alone, is there a way to fix that at all?

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@Zarkon I'm sorry to bother you but please help me?
I cannot be fixed.
It's not you lol

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Other answers:

But @SmoothMath thanks for taking the time to answer my question haha
I do what I can :3
Haha well thanks
He can be suspended for harassment. You can also block the user.
Alright thanks (:
  • hba
Can We Have Any Names Here ?
No. It's a general question.
  • hba
Oh But If You Are Caught Not Reporting And Abusing The Way The Other Person Did You Will Also Be Suspended Or Even Banned :)
I Think He Means That You Should Capitalize Every Word In Your Sentences.
  • hba
Yeah Right ;)
Well this question can help anyone. So, no names need to be involved.
  • hba
Yeah Right But I Suppose If Mods Can Help Here So It Would Be Better To Understand :)
did u block the person, who was creating problems ? do u know how to block a person?
Yes I blocked. I was just wondering, how bad does it have to be to the point where a moderator gets involved. For instance, there are some people that get warnings for causing issues, but when someone does the same and they are reported by numerous people, nothing happens.
if they are reported, mods will surely look into the matter and warn/suspend/ban that user on basis of how much serious trouble he caused, eventually that user will be taken care of.
  • hba
Well It Depends On If They Do Something Really Wrong And Against The CoC :)
causing troubles to others is against CoC.
Okay perfect (: thanks
Everything is against the CoC.
You can block them, or click Report Abuse
Yep got it
i'm sorry for bothering you
Lol it's not you.. But it's okay?
As I see here you've gotten plenty of good advice, and some whining about the CoC. In general, we're going to look at how serious the offense was. If it looked like a simple misunderstanding that turned into name calling that generally results in warnings. If someone is doing what I would call "serious harassment" (death threats, peskering you for your personal information) that's typically an auto suspend or ban.
Apologies for the trouble.
It wasn't u either @ParthKohli :)

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