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  • hba

Complain: Mods Are No More Active

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  • hba
No I Am Talking About Recent,They Are Like Dead
Yea Ik. They are trying to be more active bro. Just read what they have to say ^_^

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Other answers:

They do seem a bit thin on the ground just recently....
  • hba
Yeah Thats What I Am Sayin :(
I'm sorry you feel we haven't been active. I can speak for the admins that we've all been really busy working on the next release (it's a big one). Hopefully, we'll be more active after that point. We are reading abuse report still though and keeping an eye out. Moderators are still on the site enforcing the CoC as reports come in, but we haven't been hanging out in chat as much. So, I can understand the perception that we're not around. :)
  • hba
I Understand That You Guys Are Really Busy With Your Big Release But It Would Be Better If There Was Some One To Take Care Because There Is "Off Topic'' Questions And Abusive Language Being Used In Chat,I Hope You Understand And Take Care Of This :)
Honestly, I must say I feel like when I'm on I am more distracted than usual lately by all the abuse reports. It bothers me when I am trying to help someone, and an abuse report comes in, and if I don't stop what I'm trying to explain I let the possible culprit go due (albeit momentary) to lack of other moderators. I look forward to having that load lightened somehow.
  • hba
Do You Guys Think The Site Needs More Mods ?
some moderators help other people too in their questions.... (honestly, it makes me feel like i'm in trouble when i see a moderator in a post i'm asking/answering)
Actually I have died (jk), my thesis is due in 6 days, 21 hours, 45 minutes... (not that I'm counting), so until then I'll probably be a little more quiet than usual.
@Hba Yes, The Mods Are Not Active Anymore And All The Members Of This Community Are Worried Like You. Thank You For Being One Of Us And Giving Us This New Style Of Writing.
  • hba
@ParthKohli So You Like It ? :)
Just to toss my own opinions in here, but over this past semester I'm working a job and half, and taking full time classes. All in all, I'm busy for 70-80 hours a week, and it doesn't look like it's going to let up any time soon.
  • hba
So Do You Think You Guys Need More Mods ?

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