• anonymous
Can anyone post the answer to the bisecton search in the previous set ? I didn't get it but it would be nice to see a correct result for reference.
MIT 6.00 Intro Computer Science (OCW)
  • Stacey Warren - Expert
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  • schrodinger
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  • anonymous
You must be kidding right? What previous set? The one that is due tomorrow? Once again: I might becoming repetitive but so are these posts. Please do not ask for solutions to problem sets that are not due yet. I got this on an email: "Due to the issues with the grader outages this past weekend, we are extending the due date of Problem Set 2 by 24 hours to Tuesday, Oct 16 at 22:00 EDT. " Until then, we cannot provide the solutions to the exercises. It is not fair to people who have genuinely tried to solve the problems and to people still trying to solve them. This (MITx 6.00) is an online course and people who have registered for it want to learn! When the deadline has passed for a particular problem set, I will be more than happy to assist anyone with understanding the solution to any exercise. I hope this is clear enough! PS. Apologies for the tone but it seems that a lot of people just want the answer!
  • TuringTest
@Chris2332 Don't be sorry, please! Posting the answers is outright cheating and very much against the code of conduct of OpenStudy (who is in partnership with MIT OCW). It invalidates the site as a source for cheating, as opposed to a site for teaching those willing to learn. Also, to repeat, posting the answers in full too soon after the deadline could be risky since some people could get extensions, or so I hear. I do think MITx will post the answers when they see fit.
  • anonymous
OK, sorr,y I thought it was finished and OK to post, I wasn't intending to try to get the answer or cheat. If you look carefully at my question you will see that I am talking in the past tense.

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