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MIT 6.00 Intro Computer Science (OCW)
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IT's really poorly integrated into OS, we shouldn't have questions in here that could potentially get multiple people in trouble. We also shouldn't have this MIT stuff linked into the CS section because most of us do not know about the MIT shizzle.
In the days of yore, we had the MIT sections separate. As you can see now the two sections are linked. This is because very few people visited the MIT sections, and so many questions were neglected. I honestly think it is better this way, but you can always post in OS feedback about your ideas and thoughts.
I know this is pretty new IIRC. I miss trhe old OS >(

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Other answers:

hahah im sry this is a non relevant message i write now: @TuringTest it hard to believe this is your 1st question here!But i have to say it is a very important one!
Despite my user name, and the fact that I'm a quick learner, I'm a CS noob ;)
we all r in smthing!:)
Does this apply to people who came over here as part of #MOOC-E as well?
You should receive no direct answers for any test that you will be graded on before its deadline.
@TuringTest But AFAIK #MOOC-E participants aren’t graded at all. It’d be good to know whether the same applies for us or not, to avoid crashing other people’s parties by accident…
In general it is against the code of conduct to give direct answers. Always try to guide users toward an answer. I suppose if it's not graded you can be a bit less careful, but don't go around posting answers. That is not the point of this site.
Makes sense, thanks ☺ Will proxy this knowledge accordingly.
I'm and MIT alum and the MIT OCW page links here. It's good to be in a forum that is populated by such a diverse crowd. I have sympathy for the undergraduates (freshman especially). I remember wishing that there was such a site to share ideas and seek help 10 years ago.
^ the transition from HS to college is disgustng, our educational system needs major revamping...
my .02: if someone is here to learn and they are stuck and you aren't communicating to them effectively, showing the answer so they can see how to do it is a learning tool. if the person decides to take the answer and use it without understanding it and understanding where they went wrong with their own code well ... they won't get very far like that. bit of negative feedback in that loop to straighten things out

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