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For this assignment, you will analyze an everyday movement in terms of the body systems and functions involved. You may choose the scenario from the list below, or you may think of a different scenario that involves multiple body systems. Sample Scenarios: Ballet dancing Running a race Eating your dinner Driving a car Playing soccer Walking the dog Figure skating Playing basketball Riding a bike Putting away the groceries Your assignment should include: A written narrative that describes, in detail, the scenario you have chosen. This description should include the senses and movements involved to complete the activity. A discussion of how each of the body’s systems is involved in the actions described. The systems that are required in your analysis include: The skeletal system The muscular system The integumentary system You are encouraged to discuss other system involvement, such as the circulatory, nervous, and digestive systems. Other systems may also be discussed, but are not required. This discussion should be detailed, describing how specific organs interact in order to complete the actions described in the narrative.
okay dude
Ballet dancing Running a race Eating your dinner Driving a car Playing soccer Walking the dog Figure skating Playing basketball Riding a bike Putting away the groceries all this stuff we call physical activity

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Other answers:

mhmm and what els do i do can u explain more clearly
Okay, so what part of the assignment are you having trouble with? I mean, can you already explain what the skeletal, the muscular, and the integumentary systems are? Do you understand what the assignment is asking you to do?
i honestly am clueless
Okay. So, let me rephrase the directions for you. You have this entire list of actions, right here: Ballet dancing Running a race Eating your dinner Driving a car Playing soccer Walking the dog Figure skating Playing basketball Riding a bike Putting away the groceries 1. You have to do is pick ONE of the actions, for your assignment. Just one action. 2. You have to talk about the human senses that we have to use, in order to do that action. You can choose from the five basic human senses: *Sight *Hearing *Taste *Smell *Touch For example, I might pick, from the list, "driving a car," (which, by default I am unable to do, given that I am asian.) Now, which senses are involved in driving a car? *I have to use my sense of SIGHT, to see where I'm going, and watch out for other cars. *I have to use my sense of HEARING, to listen for important sounds, like car horns, and sirens. *I have to use my sense of TOUCH, to turn the steering wheel, and to step on the gas pedal, and the brake pedal. Simple, right? 3. You have to describe how the skeletal, muscular, and integumentary systems all play an important part, in doing the action. Do you understand what those three systems are? You might not understand the "Integumentary system," since they don't always teach it in high school. The Integumentary system basically protects our bodies from harm. It includes organs such as... our skin (which protects us from germs, and holds our nerves, which detect pain) our hair (which keeps us warm) and our nails (which protect our fingers from injury).
ok u lost me at number 3
3. There are three body systems that the assignment wants you to talk about: *Skeletal system *Muscular system *Integumentary system After you have chosen your action, from the list, what you have to do is explain why each of those three systems is important, in order for you to be able to do the action that you chose, from the list.
still confessed im good up to number 3
playing basket ball for step 1
Okay good! Now, we've got five basic human senses, yes? *Sight *Seeing *Smell *Taste *Touch Now, pick one sense that we need, in order to play basketball.
Okay. Why do we need sight, to play basketball? How do we use that sense?
um u use sight in b ball to see the ball
Yes! To see the ball. I'll give you another one: We need sight to see which way we're dribbling the ball. What else would we need sight for?
to see the hoop
That works! To see the hoop. That makes perfect sense. Also, to know when to pass the ball to your other teammates! Okay. We've got the sense of sight. What other sense would we need?
um um everything but taste and smell
Yes! I agree. Now, we've got... sight, hearing, and touch. Do you think you can come up with ways that we use those senses, to play basketball?
um sight is taken care off hearing to hear them when tehre coming and to call plays and sh.. and touch to touch e verythinng lol i really dont know
Yes you do know! lol I agree with everything you've said so far. It's good! Touch. We need touch, to feel the ball, to dribble the ball, to catch the ball, and to feel the ground underneath our feet, as we're running.
Next step is to talk about the three body systems, and how they help us play basketball. This is gonna be like Step 2, when we talked about the senses. So, let's talk about the skeletal system. Why is the skeletal system important, while we play basketball? Why wouldn't we be able to play basketball without our skeletal system?
idk this
The skeletal system is made up of all of our bones. The bones in our body, the bones in our arms, our legs, and our heads are all part of the skeletal system. Let's talk about the bones in our hands and fingers. We have bones in our hands and fingers that can bend, so that we can make our curved, and hold the basketball . Think about this.... If you kept your hands totally flat, would you be able to hold a basketball tightly? No, because a basketball is round. So, we need to make our hands curved, so that we can hold the ball. And we couldn't do that without bones. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ So now, there are also bones in our legs and feet. Why is it important that we have bones in our legs and feet, to play basketball?
there impornat becasue without it we would be able to do are everyday things in life
Yes, we wouldn't be able to do everyday things in life, including basketball. What kind of "everyday things" are you thinking of?
like pick are nose wash are hands and smile popcorn go to the bathroom etc play video game talk on the phone talk to u u know etc
Yep, you're right. We couldn't do any of those thing without bones. Now, let's talk about basketball. Let's go back to that. And let's talk about the bones in our legs. What do we need the bones in our legs, to do?
I'll give you an example: bend our knees when we run across the court.
um i have to go to sleep i dont know what time it is in your conutry but its 1:30 here
I'm from America dude. Lol. It's same time. Alright then. Good night. Send me a message about any ideas you come up with, if you'd like to continue this. Bones. Remember, we're talking about bones.
@InYourHead I was looking through this for help and you had helped me but up to this point and I was hoping you could help me finish it because I am stuck on the rest.
sup ^^

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