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for those stuck in bisection problem chek out the following link see the second code thats written in 'C' it will surely help you write the code in python worked for me

MIT 6.00 Intro Computer Science (OCW)
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@lucky12345 The point of this course is not to learn Python or to learn to translate a language to an other....The point is to learn how to think(algorithmicaly)!How to solve/create algorithms! So, giving out the solution written in a different language is the same as giving out the solution!(Note: that ,there are still people with prolonged due date ,so giving out answers is WRONG!) Take care!:)
m nt giving out solutions sir m just helping people understand the concept of bisection method seriously i myself searched the net for tutorial on bisection method found something useful so shared it so that it could help someone like the way it helped me
now if i provide a code of finding square root using bisection method giving answer to the problem set then you are wrong sir its just helping understand things better giving answers DIRECTLY is wrong

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Other answers:

Hi Lucky, I'm still having problems with all three problems in the assignment. Pulling my hair out!
@lucky12345 1st, i aint no sir!:P 2nd, im sry if i sounded too harsh ,its just many ppl here giving tour full codes and other asking for it .... 3rd, i have to admit i didnt rly read the code u posted, i assumed by your description that it was the answer for problem 2 written in C. so basically im sry for my evilness!:P!:)
tour=out ****
no prob @MicroBot
hi @striderr if u want i can mail u the answers to the problem set 2 nw as its nw past the date of submission just give me your mail id
problem set 2 question 1 solution this is my code any suggestion or simpler code is welcomed :-)
balance = 5000 annualInterestRate = 0.18 monthlyPaymentRate = 0.02 monthlyInterestRate = annualInterestRate/12 paid = 0 m = 0 mmp= monthlyPaymentRate * balance if (balance !=0): while(m <12): m+=1 mmp=monthlyPaymentRate*balance balance=(balance-mmp)*(1+monthlyInterestRate) paid=mmp+paid print ('Month: '+ str(m)) print ('Minimum monthly payment:' ,round(mmp,2)) print ('Remaining balance: ',round(balance,2)) print('Total paid: ',round(paid,2)) print('Remaining balance: ',round(balance,2))

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