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new song I wrote.....

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Why do we hurt ourselves Why do we try to conceal the hurt inside how do we keep strong under pressure when the going gets tough and when life gets rough ain't no knowing what I'm about to do but I know I'll get through sometimes that's the way love gets you
Like a roller coaster ride We got lows and highs its the cycle of love the cycle of love
im alredy crying:( lol jk

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Other answers:

There's nothing easy about it but i refuse to quit not gonna give up though at times it may suck no, gotta keep my head up
lol alex xD
<333 I've always liked this girls lyrics... Smh<3 II relly like this one tho... <3
the cycle of love so much tears and pain and happiness and joy it brings the cycle of love
;) u a beast ever mad respect
heartache, heartbreak, mistakes, remorse, forgivness, its the cycle of LOVE
Ok now I'm done guys XD lol and thanks!
good song, awsome lyrics
you know what @evergirl your hella good! and you got my respect cus you always have lyrics that mean something! keep it up chica<3
Thanks! :D
no problem (:
uh oh my nena gettn itt . lol its really good
sounds good keep up the good work
Thank you
ITS BEUTIFULL ;D OMG this is soo deep i actually felt like crying!
Thanks everyone for your constructive criticism, comments, and complements :D
I love my fans! <3333
lol homegirl ;D anytime ;D
Awwww...I know I'm a little late lol, but that was soooo sweet, cute, nice, beautiful, lovey-dovee <333 I agree with Susan, very deep and touching :D Well done evs(:
no problem (;
its G.O.O.D
I LOVE IT EVERGIRL ITS GREAT<3333 better then anything i ever wrote lol <33
luv it evs
Thanks people!
WELCOME HomyG <333
a mod is veiwing heads up
nope she left
thats for me lol
very good very meaningful
tears* ;D
awwww @davian
yesss mommy<33 sorry
awwww thanks
Thanks Brenna
what triplet said ;D
your welcome

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