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What is the theme of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”? Hans Christian Andersen used irony in his story “The Emperor’s New Clothes” to develop his characters and theme.

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hi do u still need help, hun?
yes please !
Lol on my way, lol could you help me after im done helping you?

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Other answers:

i will do as much as i can :) what do u need help on ? send me the link and i can start if i can
Theme: a man (Benjamin Button) is born old, lives his life backwards, falls in love, but continues getting younger & eventually dies in the end.
Do you need anything else on that story, its really a good one you should read it! It seems really stupid at first but honestly it gets better!
sadly it has to be 5-6 sentences. i know what benjamin button is about but i dont know hte theme. same with the emporers cloths
okay hold on just a second.
thanks :)
"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" is the story of a man who is born old and ages backwards. The story explores the way that age dictates identity; how old we are has quite a bit to do with who we are. And not just where physical appearance is concerned. By being born old, Benjamin is born not just with the body and face of an old man, but with the mind and emotions of an old man. Even though he’s a newborn, he enjoys the company of old men. As he gets younger physically, his personality changes: he becomes more childish and social. "Benjamin Button" reminds us that age is not, after all, just a number.
thank u sooo much !!! and i hope i helped on your question :) amorous means affctionatee
yes you did and your welcome if you ever need anything you just message me! ill try my best actually i have a few more questions if you aer up for it!
The following words demonstrate ____________________________: “dog,” “hug,” and “song.” assonance alliteration onomatopoeia consonance
would u happen to know that?
oh and can u click best answer for me please!
yess hold on, and yes i did give u a medal :)
onomatopoeia :) sorry it took so long !!
are you sure its onomatopeia
yes :) 100% percent.
Read “In Memoriam, [To Sleep I give my powers away]” by Lord Alfred Tennyson to answer the question. To Sleep I give my powers away; My will is bondsman to the dark; I sit within a helmless bark, And with my heart I muse and say: O heart, how fares it with thee now, That thou should fail from thy desire, Who scarcely darest to inquire, "What is it makes me beat so low?" Something it is which thou hast lost, Some pleasure from thine early years. Break thou deep vase of chilling tears, That grief hath shaken into frost! Such clouds of nameless trouble cross All night below the darkened eyes; With morning wakes the will, and cries, "Thou shalt not be the fool of loss." Which line below rhymes with “All night below the darkened eyes”? That grief hath shaken into frost Break thou deep vase of chilling tears With morning wakes the will, and cries Such clouds of nameless trouble cross
i cant answer any more right now sorry. im real busy.
yup thanks anyway have a great one. byee.

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