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wow, this place seems like a ghost town

I got my questions answered at in under 10 minutes. Go to now for free help!
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thats cute, it feeds back into math with a topic line
and it looks like the close for new question need not apply ... might be abused
I agree with u.

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Other answers:

Question is, will people just keep on posting in the parent...?
  • hba
This Question Should Be Removed ,No ''Off Topics Allowed Here''
not sure if that connectivity issue i just had was a result of the new format
i think people will start to post in the subtopics when they see how cool it looks when the q pops up in the parent :)
  • hba
Please Close It,Its An Off Topic Question :)
@Hba: We cannot question mods, it's their autonomy brother :)
mods can do no wrong !!! long live the amistre!!!
how is it a ghost town?
Mods can do no wrong because no wrong of theirs can be recorded/mentioned/questioned =)
  • hba
Well Rules Are For Everyone :D Thats Why We Have This Report Abuse Button For Them Also :)
i posted this in the calculus subgroup, before i knew that it would bleed up into the parent math group .... that calculus group was rather catatonic
  • hba
Oh I See :)
@hba Yeah but it only takes a moment for a mod to suspend/ban you forever, so you might not wanna take chances. Gaining ranks is sometimes hard for people like me with limited knowledge...
oh i get it now
limited knowledge is fine, thats how i got to 99
  • hba
@amistre64 Dont Ban Me Dude :D
::: reaches for shiny red ban button :::
  • hba
Oh Man I Am So Dead :(
@ amistre64: limited is a relative term.
for many, "knowledge" is a relative term too ;)
wait so when u post in a subtopic, it will also appear in the mathematics section?? the original one?? so it appears in both original topic AND subtopic?? OS looks weird now :P so foreign :P
yeah, itll rise up into the original with a tag; as time goes on, hopefully people will post in the subcats in order to define the kind of help they are seeking
@ amistre64 Perhaps, but "limited knowledge" is very specific when we mean the difference between a rank 60 and a rank 99 you see :)
im so lost is there even a question on this page?
personally, i liked the old OS better... you know simple is better :) less is more :)
just my opinion tho.. what do y'all think? i mean it's pretty cool but it's too complex and stuff... the more simple the better :) ya know? but again, just my opinion :)
wait what? sorry haha i don't get what u said :P
yeah i know... but like ur saying we like the old and the new one? :/ i like the old OS personally :P
  • hba
Why Are You Talking |To Yourself ?
I will wait and see, as of now I am not convinced this is the right way to go....
r u talking to me @hba? =/ and @estudier yeah i'll have to wait and see i guess, but as for now, I like the old one better too :)
  • hba
Yeah LoL
geez then see y'all later then since i apparently talk to myself :P jk lol but yeah see y'all!

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