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A drop of water placed on a smooth, dry surface will form a dome-shaped droplet instead of flowing outward in different directions. Which of these best explains this observation? A. The bonds between hydrogen and oxygen atoms are very strong. <

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I think the answer is A, is that correct?
i think renee u r wrong...
ya its right ..a option is correct u r right...according to

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Other answers:

Well, My second choice was D...
i don't know the reason
Nope a is not correct, it's D. I'm thinking of a proper explanation
ash can u explain it..
  • DLS
It is due to surface tension,they have to occupy minimum area,that is related with buoyant force,hence D. A,C&B are potinless options.
the cohesive force is stronger than adhesive force .... the intermolecular bond between water molecule is stronger than intermolecular bond between surface and water.
On a waxy surface such as a leaf, Water adheres weakly to leaf and strongly to itself, so water clusters into drops. Surface tension gives them their near-spherical shape, because a sphere has the smallest possible surface area to volume ratio. Source-
Ahhh, okay. I gotcha! :)
Thanks u guys!
ok. concept of surface tension
I have another quick question... A scientist adds heat to each of the following substances. Which will probably absorb the most heat before its temperature changes significantly? 50 g of solid copper 50 g of solid iron 50 g of liquid water<
if A had talked about hydrogen bond, i would have gone for A.
  • DLS
Post seperately
okay, will do
  • DLS
hydrogen bonds are merely simple attractions,you cant relate them with shape of a molecule
thanks again everyone!
surfaces matter .. for some surface the water molecule does not form dome ... while for some surfaces forms smaller dome.
  • DLS
and yes thhe answer to your second question is water,since it has thehighest specific heat capacity
ohh thanks :)
u don't have to follow the link then...
did you get both answer right ?

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