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As a non-believer of Islam or atheist, what would your opinions be on this short editorial ?

Language and Culture
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Is this your own editorial? If not, please post your reply so that the group may review it.
Nooo.. this is not me, just an article i have to read
i'm just wondering as a non-muslim what would you have to say about the philosophy of Fricker (author), this is for school

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Other answers:

I agree with the author. People should be able to exchange ideas freely. For example, it might hurt my feelings when I hear people say they "hate math" but I would never dream to outlaw it. " "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." " -- Evelyn Beatrice Hall (Biographer of Voltaire)
Even if it's hate speech ? that's the main question
That is a complex question, but ultimately I believe "yes" -- so long as it is speech and not actions, then people should be allowed to express themselves freely. I firmly disagree with all hate speech. I like positive messages and open dialog.
Did you write a reply to the article? Did you want openstudy writing to review it for grammar, spelling, structure etc.?
Hmm, I am still in the process of writing that's why I need input
Here are two videos which you might find relevant: Phillip Pullman wrote a book with a title many found offensive. Here he is, very simply defending his right to free speech and informing what others can do with their own freedom of speech: Christopher Hitchens speaks about censorship (and recommends many excellent books / essays while doing so). (he uses some curse words to illustrate his point, fyi)
thankyou ! :)

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