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How do you feel about the disrespect rappers have for females and how it influences the teenage boys of today?

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boys today think it's cute to be with more than one girl because they're "stacking" or whatever. Boys today think that it's alright to call a girl a whore or a slut or whatever because it's cool. Boys today think it's awesome to sleep with more than five girls because it's being a man. Boys think that by them doing it they're like the rappers today. Boys today are ignorant.

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Other answers:

that is sooooooo true!
yoooooo that is not true lol thats some boys and i bet girls are the same
lol i bet girls are the same too, but the chances of a girl and a boy being the same are probably 60% to 40%. Plus the question asks about boys not girls sweetheart (:
hhahah iknew you were gonna reply;)
girls=boys they are the same but with long hair;)
lmao nooo girls are not like boys. Boys are raised to be unemotional and be super machista while girls are raised to be princesses and be good wives to their unemotional machista husbands who were raised to believe that women are inferior to them. soo please, explain to me how women = men
@AlexPR787 she put you on the spot man
lol hahhaa she always wants to be right cough cough excuse me @jordyn77 i think girls are just mad because men have the authority men are not machista that was in the 90s we are in the 21st century porfavor i a gree with you about rappers calling offensive names to women but and women are the exact same clone of men but with long hair because they say,act ,see interprate everything the man does so yeah point made.;)
Okay but what I wanna know is why do men have authority? Because while they are young, they are taught to have authority. If boys didn't have authority, they'd be made fun and be called gay, right? Right. Girls are taught to be delicate because if they are tough, they are made fun of and are called lesbians, right? Right. So, in conclusion @AlexPR787 you're just mad because i'm right. (:
ok whatever you say mrs.@jordyn77 ;)
she shut you up lol
hahahahha hay que dejar a las mujeres ganar ;)
lol no, hay que aceptar que perdistes porque eres hombre entonces tienes la mentalidad que siempres eres correcto, no?
hahahahaaha tu te crees inteligente no mi amor tienes que aceptar que los hombres mandamos el mundo haha sooou tienes que chill hahaa ;)
lol you prove my point perfectly. thank you for being the stereotypical man.
lol i knew you were gonna say that lol thats why i posted that lol machista hahha ;)
y no me creo intelligente, soy intelligente thank you very much (:
hahah wo ok lo que tu digas mi amor.
remember i'm the one that got best response kay? (: haha
yeah bro your finished
hahaha lol true how many best responses you have?
in this question?
um, you can't count now? lol jk 6 you have 0
6 are you shure?
lol wooooooooooww
oh and how many medals you have in general?
well because i don't post rap songs on here i have 38 medals. i'm sure if i could write songs i'd have more lol
lol hahahahahah you funny hahaha i got like mhmmmmm idk alot
lol okay..
just give up man haha
haha ok then

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