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If a girl is chained to a hospital bed....while its raining, listening to her ipad and hanging on the open study website how can she stop being bored? or what can she do for fun?

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what do you mean?
well, she could go on open study and help people, she can watch youtube videos and she can play games on her Ipad

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Other answers:

umm, anything else?
umm you could talk to someone you could sleep you could draw you could play I spy you could read you could write
hmmm could you repost this...and notify if anybody else has ideas?
just wondering.. r u the bored person
No I am the bored person =D
oh.. so why aren't you asking the question..
hahah im just the
I felt really serial-killer like when I read 'chained to a hospital bed' o_O
oh ok
o darn...we though adding hospital it might take that feeling
Blue, it sounded like I was being kept hostage =P
If she was chained, she could..umm... try to break the chains.
hahah its not literal :P
Or rip out all the Iv's/tubes =P
R u ok? @TheWriter
ahhh no shes not shes chained to a hospital
no really....
I have cancer and I'm in the hospital^ Bored as hell
You wont be when you come here? ;]
Of course not Blue =)
Jack off?
1 Attachment
Too tired Blue x)
who is Blue??
You are NEVER too tired to ja-.... wait. ._. This is a kids site. My bad.
Thanks, but I'm a vegetarian =P
Everyone on here...should medal me. <3
Go outside. Hug someone and refuse to let go til they pull out their phone. Run.
I've medaled you Blue :)
I know. <3
^_^ <3
I funny is a really good app
OMG check out that is amazing!!! I cant stiop lauging :D
Ah that's awesome x)
you mean the one i posted??
Yeah XD
Yay ☺
where did u find that site?
Ahh the power of Google @Maddi
ahhh make the laughing stop!!!
ok I hope I helped :D I have to go bug my teacher to put my homework worksheet (that she promised was going to be on her website) on her website
haha ok
lol bye

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