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Chemistry. Thanks,:)

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Other answers:

So what is the shorted way for sodium?
thats sodium oxide
I think i could find the names
when i finish ill message you?
ok tnx
did you finish?
ok so what did you get for the names
na2s h2s alcl3 h2o cao al2o3 co2 ccl4
No typos, I assure you.
ok so number of elements
yup, i need help with the last three columns.
if you do mot mind
Sodium Oxide = 3, 2, ionic
how do you find out?
type in these three questions: 1. how many elements are in .... 2. how many atoms are in .... 3. what type of bonding is presented in....
huh. okay, ill try that. smart! :)
lol google?
k,thanks, ill leave the question open though
Umm can u help me?
Maybe, what grade?
So where are you stuck in this?
The last three columns
Have you completed the first 2 columns?
Only the first.
All the cells in the second column will have "2" as the answer.
I did jot know.
Yeah. The elements used are 2 in each case.
Let me write that down. Thanks.
give me two minutes
Take 3.
Alright, so what's next?
The number of Atoms
The answer is hidden in the column 1.
*really? :0
Let's say CO2 1 atom of Carbon and 2 atoms of oxygen. Hence, total 3 atoms.
Can i try one?
Carbon tetra chloride. |dw:1350966362247:dw|
carbon tetra chloride would be three also?
200 -atoms in tetra?
is 1+4 = 200?
no, five
Yes! So it's 5! I was checking if you're awake or not. XD
feel free to yell at me when i annoy you:D
lol you got my eyes popping out of their sockets as some say:)
Haha. Noe. I'm against yelling at students.
Like this?
really. great, because one time, when i was in like third grade
less creepily,but yes, something like that
...a teacher made me cry lol
Lol. "bad teacher"
lol:) ur funny?
typo. i meant !
ill try sodium sulfide
then,will you be so kind as to check it?
Sorry was in another tab. Haha, no. I'm not funny. I'm serious as a serial killer. Pretty much the same.
Alright. I'll check. P.S. Chemistry is the worst subject in the history of mankind, as i suck at it.
Lol You are funny:) But, ill try the second compound the atoms and the elements see if i get it right
lol *widens eyes* but u r goo at this,right?
These are pretty basic for us so i think im "okay" with these. ;)
ill try that second one
Yeah! I kill bad thoughts in my mind which Satan provides to my brain. lmao.
wow. okay.... lol
well,brb, i will give the second one a shot.
please do not leave me!
Sure. I'm doing my computer hw too. Exam on thurs! I'm half dead already!
most people do that when i take a long time to reply.
And what if i leave? D:
i will be forever sad.
you will cause me eternal grief.
anyway, i know how u feel,i hate test too.
was that an evil laugh?
am doing it now btw
Not really, that was more like:
prob no two
Please proceed.
not as evil as i thought
k,i shall.
Evil is more something like:
yup lol
btw to me the eyes popping out link was kinda grosd
Haha, same here. *evil haha*
i was looking at ur drawing were u typed 200 atoms
Yep. the answer is 5. I wrote 200 as you can spot the mistake and get confused over it.
so there is one atom in sodium chloride?
yes i noticed lol
well can i explain?
so stupid.,right? ill do the next one
also so the subscripts dont matter,right?
They do! That's the reason i showed you the whole working for CCl4. Read the whole thing again please.|dw:1350967787345:dw|
okay, i am reading.
wait.ok, so i said three because 1+2=3
yet you said one? i am confused.
It's NaCl, not NaCl2.
i got 1 because na=1 s2=2
im doing the third
s subscript 2
google: sodium sulfides chemical formula is na2s
thats whatni said lol
Nope. You wrote: ``` i got 1 because na=1 s2=2
yes,2 plus 1 is 3
Yes, so,do you approove?
No. I don't approove. But i do approve.
bad speller. sorry.
Lol. No problem. Chem, math and english classes all under one roof.
lol k,let me try another one,yes?
hydrogen sulfide.
and im curious
whats ur strongest subject?
just wondering anyway im doing the next one
\[\Huge MATHEMATICS\]i guess.
really.thats my worst
sorta lol
\[\Huge 1. MATHEMATICS\] \[\Huge 2. COMPUTING\] \[\Huge 3. PHYSICS\] \[\Huge 4. CHEMISTRY\]
cool i like computers
That's my subjects rankings. :D