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sorry to say but OS is really annoying during these days, it has become very irritaing, 1- every time it starts loading itself 2- whenever i open ma browser it keeps loading 3- very troublesome to load especially maths 4- Extremely slow 5- Every time it says owl be back with improvements it gets even worse 6- rarely it warns before site is about to close and then everything remains unsaved..... - - ......a lot more moderators , for the sake of us please fix these list of problems , else it's gonna be tough to work, it's just a feedback, !! :( :(

OpenStudy Feedback
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I believe you would want to refer to Sorry about the trouble but OS has been going through some changes recently and the admins are doing their best to smooth things out. :) p.s. please don't tag mods/admins in feedback questions, we do check this section regularly :)

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Other answers:

i won't tag but i guess they don't check, the question that i closed just now wasn't checked by anyone and i am hopeful for the improvement of this
and thanks for yor response (:
They just did this REALLY huge update, so that could be part of it.
We've definitely had some troubles the past week or so, which I believe are exactly what yre describing. Our latest release had a lot of new code so it's possible that that is responsible; however, we've also had an enormous surge of traffic since the school year started. I'm talking at least double our average user count. So there are a few factors at play. Just bear with us while we try to grow more gracefully, and be assured that we are aware and looking into the problem.
the "moderators" are dealing with the same tumultuous OS behaviour.
also it shows online even if i am not
@jasonxx How can you be online to say that you weren't online and say that OS thinks you're online when you're not even though you are? Really confusing, right? =P
No, @Ahaanomegas, i receive message for help and i am being mentioned in comment because others find me online and then they say why am i not responding, when i am not there , how am i supposed to respond and it is because of slow OS. that must help you
You don't have to be online to be mentioned ...
Folks, Mods are Gods and fortunately they have nothing to do with these annoyances. Its all us mortals in the OpenStudy team that are hacking away to a new tomorrow. Put up with our cloudy morn for a sunny noon!
@preetha these lines were extremely heavy to be understood, but probably i guess, OS is back in the right state. Thanx
@Preetha is trying to say that it's not OS's job to fix what you think is annoying. ;)
ohkay got your point. i hope things may get better though it is now better than yesterday
I'll use this amusing and quite annoying thread as a way of showing my appreciation to OpenStudy for constantly working on the website. And, I'll say the opposite of what @jasonxx is saying - every time OpenStudy is out of service, the website comes back with a lot more to offer and much better service. Thank you so much, OpenStudy! Please ignore those who try to put this amazing website down.
if it keeps loading go into ur computer and delete ALL of your history i has worked for me and other people on here
We appreciate the negative comments too. They let us know when we're screwing up so we can get better. Thanks for the support though, Ahaanomegas!
it's not about negativity, i spent half of ma day to learn and to give here, i really love it but sometimes which is happening often here, it annoys badly and then only i made these points , ma apology
Like I said, we absolutely appreciate the comment, and to be honest I didn't see your comment as negative in the unconstructive sense, but rather simply as negative in the sense of being about stuff you don't like—which is absolutely fine.
thanks a lot for your optimistic answer. I am sure you might be seeing, how it has started behaving werid i hope it gets best .. thanks again

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