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Why are bad people *still* moving freely on OpenStudy?

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So I am not angry with the admins on the server issue that much, but what I don't like is how reports are not considered. I report bad guys on Music group, people who seek for answers and people who answer the answer-seekers. In spite of that, I never see any deletion. What makes me even more angry is how the moderators and administrators always use the word -- "report" -- every time we complain.
not true...i have been suspended a number of times this day so i wouldn't say we're "moving freely"
I wouldn't like to point out the user, but I want to say that they are moving freely spamming questions in writing group.

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Other answers:

  • hba
@ParthKohli I Agree With you :)
As I pointed out above, I wanna say that when we complained about the music group back in the day, we were told to report. And that is exactly what I do to the posts that have swearwords but... as usual... nothing.
@lgbasallote: Right?
  • hba
Not only the music chat but i have seen frequent "off-topics" questions in the math chat.
@hba: I was talking more about the music group, not just the chat. Hehe
  • hba
@ParthKohli No i mean math group* < A lil mistake
@ParthKohli , do you have any suggestions? Whenever I see a report I can take care of, I take care of it. I feel the others do this too.
  • hba
Well,the people participating in off-topic questions are the ones Evoking the person to post more off-topic question and even after being warned the person continues to do so.I suggest you to send warnings to people who participate,so,they will think hundred times before participating in ''off-topic questions''.
Because the admins refuse to make me a mod, so I cant deal with all the trolls.
@myininaya May I point out something, if allowed?
reports from chat boxes are a pain to deal with. there is nothing in the information we get that allows us to deal with the situations unless we can hunt them down. Reporting a question or using tags in a question post lets us at least warp over to it.
Agreed - chats are a pain to moderate. Also, explaining why you are reporting as well as just reporting is very very helpful - most of the abuse reports have nothing to tell us why something has been reported; sometimes it's obvious but more often it is context based and that makes it harder.
i agree with @lgbasallote

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