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Read the passage below to answer questions 10-11. It is a well known fact that birds are seed carriers. Some species of birds eat berries or fruits that contain seeds, which they then carry with them and expel as waste in new locations. In addition, seeds can stick to birds or end up in their digestive tract when they eat their prey. Furthermore, birds carry materials for nest building, and these materials are most often plant materials. This is another way birds may transport seeds to new areas. There are numerous indications that birds have carried seeds to Surtsey. In the first years of the
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of the island's history, research was carried out on the contents of the digestive tracts of migrating birds. Some migratory birds stop to rest on Surtsey on their way over the Atlantic from the European continent. Once a dense seagull population had begun to form in Surtsey in 1986, numerous new plant species colonized the island in the following years. It is likely that most of these were carried by the gulls or other birds that dwelled in the gull breeding areas. 10. What is the main idea from this passage? Birds like to eat berries and fruits that contain seeds. Birds migrate long distances and need resting stops. Birds are very helpful in bringing life to this new island. Birds can carry a variety of plant species.
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4th one Birds can carry a variety of plant species

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