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Since we are very close to Halloween I thought it would be fun to start a thread for us to relate our ghost stories (true or otherwise). If you have a ghost story post it as a response to this post. Do not tell us whether the story is true (it happened to you), urban legend (a story you heard and have no way to validate), or fiction (a story you made up, read, or heard, but know to be untrue). Save that for after Halloween and we can reveal the nature our story(ies).

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I got one bout black agie
I spent the majority of my childhood living in a haunted house. It was not really that scary because the spirits seemed benign. Doors opening on their own. Being the logically person that I am and was, I would always exhaust every logical explanation before admitting that something was a ghost. Although both my sister and myself had seen shadow people several times, which were quite unsettling not just because of the sight of them, but the negative air they had about them, most of the unusual experiences were not real scary. One ghost seemed to be fond of taking baths. The first time I experienced that one I was in my room doing homework. My door opened and at that time I just assumed I had not fully closed it and that it was blown open by a draft. I simply got up from my desk and closed it again. Shortly after that I heard the water running in the bathroom. This also was not unusual. The house was older and hearing the water running through the pipes was not unexpected especially with the very thin walls the house had, not to mention that my room was directly adjacent to the bathroom.. It was actually a convenient way of knowing if someone else in the family was using the bathroom. After a while the water went off, but I could still hear the sounds of bathing in the tub through the wall. After a bit I had to use the restroom myself. I walked down the hall passing the closed bathroom door because I knew there was someone in there. I got to the living room and my mom was sitting in her rocking chair and my sister was sitting on the couch. I told my mom I had to go really bad and asked if I could her her bathroom. She asked me why and I told her because Dad was taking a bath in the main bathroom, after all he was the only one that could have been in there. Mom said, "No he isn't. He's in bed taking a nap." Huh???? Then who was in the bathroom? Puzzled I turned and walked back down the hall. I got to the bathroom door and could still hear someone in the bathtub. It had to be my father, so I knocked, but there was no answer. I tested the knob and found the door was unlocked. Pausing for a moment, I took a breath and barged in. As soon as I opened the door the bathing sound stopped. I looked in the tub. There was no water in it, in fact, it was bone-dry. Hmmm. Weird. I shrugged it off thinking that maybe water had been sloshing around in the pipes or something and had just coincidentally ceased as I opened the door. Not paying it much more attention, I took care of my business and went back to my homework, being sure that my bedroom door was shut tight so I did not have to get up again to close it should a draft blow it open again. A few minutes into the second round of homework I heard the tub draining. What?!? "Man, Dad really needs to do something about the pipes. Sheesh!" I thought. The water stopped making the draining sound and a few minutes later my bedroom door opened wide and then slammed shut. Without missing a beat I said out loud, "Sorry for walking in on you." This exact same door-opening/bath-taking pattern continued periodically for several years, all the way up until I moved out and into my first apartment.
I've got weird things in my house that I've seen many times. A man, about 6 ft tall, he's got a brown jacket on, a hat, a tie, and light brown pants. A lady, about 5'9", a dress with flowers. A 15 y/o boy(who we found out was shot in front of the mailbox when his family lived here) who likes to mess with us on the stairs. And a little boy, about 2 or 3, in a green shirt(a blue stripe thru the middle), and light brown hair. The 15 y/o you can see on the stairs, like a shadow walking up, or someone looking over the ledge. The lady stays downstairs, and I often see her going from the kitchen, across the living room, into the laundry room. Havent seen her in a few weeks though. (Used to see her almost everyday.) The man, he is upstairs only. He likes my mom's bf a lot. When he is in the bedroom, the man will turn the lights on, or open the bathroom door, or mess with the lamp on his nightstand, making the cord move. The youngest boy, he's outside. Not sure why, but we've had a couple times where he will wrap his arm around the backs of our legs, in a hugging manner. I've heard voices, seen shadows, seen the actual people, I've heard a cat meowing in my room, too. Last night, in fact, I was in the spare bedroom downstairs, up late watching tv, and something slammed into the wall. To me, it sounded like someone hit the wall. And I knew it was WAY too hard to be a cat. I was too scared to go check.. I've had weird stuff happen in my room, too. Which I do NOT like at all. :P I got scratched by something, and I have the three scars to prove it. Even though my mom doesnt believe it. She thinks it was just one of the cats.

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@Agent_Sniffles That's interesting. I am surprised that nobody else had any ghost stories to share, even made up ones. I realize that actual experiences are rather rare, but we've all at least heard some stories growing up. Thought there would be a few of those at least. I personally have several that I experienced first hand, which i'm considering writing a book about, the above being one. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

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