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How many of you think it is right to compare science as a whole with religion?? just wanted to know what your views are

HippoCampus Religion
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science is a forcible language.. if science says something we cannot just reject it.. we have to prove it wrong .. with the laws of science with experiments or with mathematics .but if religion says something its our choice whether to accept it or not ... most of us dont care we can say its just a myth.. That's nowadays people try to mix up religion with science to get a wider acceptance
my opinion is lets science go its own way and religion too.. why should we compare.. take what we need from both.
thankyou for ur opinion

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Other answers:

There is no comparison. Religions are based on ludicrous and hypocritical statements fashioned to appeal to the uneducated folk. Science is not based on ideas or opinions, it's based on experimental data which accounts what we observe in nature.
any science agrees with all science, thats how it works, any religion disagrees with all other religions
thank you for your response guys see..hw Religion is Linked with Science But Read my Thread :
Science is about facts and what we can see and understand. We have seen and understood that there are remains of Egyptian chariots in the Red Sea, that's a fact. You can use science to prove religion. But that doesn't mean all science is correct, theories are unproven, but they keep building on them anyway to try to finally get some proof.
Science is about experimental and proofs. Religion and spirituality is about Experience and joy.
I think science and religion are related in some ways, but it depend which religion it is. Most of the thing which scientist had discovered now was already written in the Holy Book Qur'an 14oo year's ago, for E.G The big bang theory, human embryo and many other even scientist comments on scientific miracles in the Qur'an. If u ready Qur'an and research u will find Ur all the answers.
Yes, I believe science and religion goes hand in hand. For example, we know the Bible is true because of scientific and historical evidence to prove it. Meanwhile, other religious books may contradict history and unbiased science. Just remember, almost all science that cannot be proven, is biased and based upon many assumptions.

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