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PLS HELP BEEN STUCK FOR HOURS ON THIS. Starting from 1.5 miles away, a car drives toward a speed checkpoint and then passes it. The car travels at a constant rate of 53 miles per hour. The distance of the car from the checkpoint is given by d = |1.5 – 53t|. At what times is the car 0.1 miles from the checkpoint? Calculate your answer in seconds. (1 point)95.1s and 108.7s 10.2s and 101.9s108.7s and 10.2s95.1s and 10.2s

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AHhhh i have been too): i did steps and i still dont get it. Im from connexus

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Other answers:

ok check this out bruh. this is what i first did. I subtracted 1.5 from both sides of this equation. 1.5-53t=0.1 and i got 1.4 then i divided 1.4/5.3 and i got 0.026415(etc) NEED HELP
I have t=0.026 and t=0.030 Does anyone else agree?
d = |1.5 – 53t| 0.1 = -(1.5 - 53t) 0.1 = 1.5 - 53t 0.1 =53t - 1.5 1.5 + 0.1 = 53t 1.6/53 = t t = 108.67 secs 53t = 1.5 - 0.1 53t = 1.4 t = 1.4/53 t = 95.09 secs
fellow i got the same on these two equations i just did
Good on you
so 0.026 and 0.030 is correct? hero
I don't know where you get that from. It wants in seconds
In hours, yes, that is correct
wait nvm. gotcha. thanks!;)
I don't know why it took you four hours
@Girly17, I help you with a question and you block me and call me a weirdo? Thanks
Yeah, double checked I got it. You can solve this problem in 2 ways. 1st way by pure math abs( anything ) = something means anything =+something and/or anything =-something and solve for t also you can think of this as a physics problem with zero acceleration, deduce your position function and find the times at the desired distances.
I solved it the "easiest" way
calm down calm down you were rude and said post it like everyone else. well look here yo i woulda done that but i couldnt find how to do that so i seen send a message thing and it was easier for me.
took me 4 hours cuz im awesome like that
I wasn't being rude. I was trying to explain to you that it is inconvenient to help you in the messages.
Messages are not for posting questions.
Anyone else would tell you the same thing
which means you took it the wrong way, how are the inconvenient? lets see.
and how was i suppose to know?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
You didn't know, but I was explaining to you. That's all I can try to do is communicate with you and explain to you. All you have to do is not overreact.
i am not overreacting. you're just giving me bs. but wtvr goodnight and thanks

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