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This is for Justin Bennett (ilovehope) He passed away Sunday night and I know that many people and me are going to miss him a ton. So i wanted to make this for anyone that wanted to say something nice about him to say it here. If they have a song or just something nice to say to him. Please say it here. Thanks, Gabriella

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I am his gitlfriend and i will always belong to him no matter what no matter if he is dead I will always love him and always be his. his last words to be was that if he ever died that i was to move on to love someone else but i cant and i think i never will she will always have my heart and i will always be his no matter what happens i think i will nevr move on no matter what ppl say i am always his.
Justin was a very nice teenager, he was funny, always make u laugh and always cheer you up we both said that we was gonna be be best friends for life. i miss him so very much and everyone who knows him would say the same. i send my condolences to his family. especially to his cousin mason and to justin's beautiful little sisters. its very sad to see a loved one passed away. its sooo depressing. i miss him so much!!! <33 R.I.P. justin we will always miss and love you no matter what people say, - April
i miss him more than anything in the world and i cant stop thinking of him. no matter what I do I will always miss him and I will always love him

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Other answers:

I didn't really know him all that well, but he was really sweet and funny. I'm really going to miss him :)
He was a great friend, and I thought you both were a great couple, he was friendly, nice, and funny and has a lot of life in him and a big heart. R.I.P Justin
thanks brandi<33 thanks so much he did have a big heart he was soo sweet
Eminem - Not Afraid even tho i didn't kno him i kno that u made gaby laugh u made her happy that makes me happy to see her smile:)
I'm really going to miss him. He was so nice, always positive..Sending my condolences to his whole family <3333 R.I.P Justin :')
me and justin made a promise that we will always be best friends forever and guess what we will,i miss him so much. <3333333333333 it won't be the same anymore without justin. why does all the good people die and the bad ppl still live. smh i cnt believe he passed, i thought it was a joke, but its not. ;( i miss him soooo much. he has a very big heart and he was always lovable. its best to remember the good days with justin. ik i will i will remember the good times me and him share.
i know what you mean apirl ik how u feel why did god have to take justin he was such a great person and the last time i talked to him was sunday night also he told me he was fine that he would live then monday morning i get a message from his cousin saying he is dead and i just couldnt believe it i still cant why would justin die he was such a great person he didnt do anything wrong i am so angry that he died it isnt right
aww that is soo sweet he always wanted to have kids he told me he wanted a happy family and he wanted it with me he said he always wanted a happy family a caring one and so did i
ooooh lala
Thats so sweet :)
and now he will never get that he will never get that family he wanted and it hurts sooo much to know that i feel really bad for him
i feel like im at a wake
i feel like i am in a nightmare and i can never wale up from it and i wont
i feel the same way
I'm so sorry to all who cared about Justin, he was an amazing persona and will remain in all of our memories...<3 He had heart and he was always positive and I'm sure he would want us all to stay positive just like him. He was an amazing person. I don't know what more to say because I didn't know him as well as people in his family or Gaby... I would have liked to know him more and I don't think anyone would ever have expected this....
thanks lil sister i didnt expect this at all sunday night he told me he was going to be fine for me not to worry and that he loves me alot then i wake up monday morning and find a message fromhis cousin that justin was dead i couldnt believe it at all it broke my heart so badly and i will never ever stop loving him or thinking or him i will always love him
Sis, what happened?...:( Message me...<3 I love you.
gaby pm me wat happen
gaby pm me
i am trying to calm down i have to many messages to write but i will messages u
Oh my god that's terrible :(
ya it is
well all miss him
Even though Justin hated me, I love him for taking care of you and loving you so much. He was a good man and wasn't afraid to be an outsider. I was actually planning to message him a long message when i saw him on(before i found out he was going in for surgery). I wanted to try and become friends with him. Because everything Gaby told me about him reminded me of me and the type of friend i love to have. He had great morals and self-control for being so young. I will see you someday Justin. -Dallas
Dallas thats very sweet of u to say and i dont think justin hated u he could never hate someone that just wasnt him i think he just deiliked u cause u took me from him beofore and he didnt want u to do that again but the thing is noone can take me from him i will always love him i will always be his. This is really hard on me but ur here as a friend helping me out and if he could know that your being such a great friend i bet he would love that he would like u alot for being here for me so thank you dallas for everything you have done for me and for justin cause ik justin wanted me to have someone to help me out and your that person so thanks - Gabriella
mhmmmm im a lil lost? justin mhmm who?
justin bennett (ilovehope) my bf he died
:0 reallly of what?:(
he had heart problems and hes heart gave out sunday night and the doctors couldnt help him in time so he passed away thats all that i heard
wow is like super shocking i did not know him but im shure he was a great person im sorry gaby im shure he is in a better place were he will not have to go through anything he is in the hands of God now.take care and wish yoou and his family the best im here for anithing
ik its super shocking and i cant really believe this would happen to him he was such a great person i can never let him go i will always love him and thanks alex ,3 reallly thank you
np gaby but you know things happen for a purpose/reason maybe it was time...
but alex he was only 16 noone should have to die so young its soo sad and hurts so badly
yeah i feel you gaby its true thou why so young?but right now he is better than you an me.:)
but i miss him soo much it hurts so bad to know that i will never get to tlak to him again or see him again it hurts alex and ik he is a better place and he is happier probably but that doesnt mean that i dont wish he didnt die that i want himm back that i miss him more than anything
wait what the hell? you guys are joking right?
no we are not i am freaky serious he is gone thats what i been told by his cousin mason anyway
and justin did tell me he had heart problems and he was in the hospital last time i talked to him
justin was an awesome person, its kinda hard to realize that hes really gone. he was easy to talk to and always made me luagh when i was down! im seriously going to miss him. i just can beleive hes really gone ;/
R.I.P. and hope his family is okay and they are in my prays :'/
thanks thats sweet of you<3
Justin was an awesome person he was so kind and sweet for everyone he was nice to anyone even if they weren't so nice to him he was always there for me no matter what and he always helped me out anyway he can even when me and him weren't dating he was still there for me watching after me i am going to miss him to Susan i am he was such an amazing person i cant believe he is gone either he was such a uplifting person
Justin, he was my bestfriend :'( i miss him so much. it's crazy how such thing happen to such a good guy, i love him so much.... but he's in a safer place now... he was always there for me :/ Ii hope he's doing alright up in heaven .... i love you Justin... your best friend - Esme.
I didnnt know Justin that well but he made Gaby happy which was all i could ask for. He was a sweet and caring person and he had no reason to go, he was a great person. why do the good die young! well justin youre now pain free but you with us and always in gabys heart. . Youre the best justin! I remember when i met yu we joked about justin beiber but youre way better than him. your pal- Shay
what???? @crystal1
sorry bout happen to ur bf he in a better place
ya thanks<33
I'm really going to miss him :'(
who isnt? it hurts soo much he was such an amazing person and whoever doesnt miss him doesnt know him or just plain stupid
i swear my heart just dropped. I was planning on going to sleep soon but now i dnt think i can. i hate how all the goof people go first. leaving us with the ones who could care less bout others and their feelings. Justin, I know yu are in a better place but i wish yu wouldnt have left yet.
<3 R.I.P justin
kia ikr why do all the good people have to go first? why take the good when thier are so many bad that can be taken i mmiss him so mmuch ik he is in a better place but i dont think i will ever move on or love again i dont think i can ever love anyone the way i love justin and i wish he didnt leave this young i wish he stayed alive and lived the life he wanted it amkes me so mad that he cant even grow up
ikr. buh everything happens for a reason so i guess yu'll have to think of it like that. all pain goes away sooner or later. but it wont be easy.
well i didnt really know him but my prayers are with u and his family i know its relaay hard to lose a loved one, i hav lost many myself but none as close as these two probly wer. hes in a better place now
R.I.P Justin you'll always be in our hearts <3 its not fair that you had to leave so early but we kno that you are in a better place <33
omg this is so sad i am so sorry for your loss you guys will be in my prayers just keep strong :)
thanks<3 it is very sad and i am so sorry that this happened to and ill try to stay as strong as i can
I didn't get to know Justin very good but I remember talking to him a little. He was funny, cool, & awesome. He will be missed. Sorry for your loss Bobby. Stay strong! Rest in peace, Justin.
thanks marco<3 justin was an amazing person i wish more ppl could of seen him they way i do i miss him alot and i will always love him he will always have my love i am soo sorry to i am so sorry he had to go so soon and i will try to stay strong but i wont make any promises sorry but i cant do that right now
I'm so sorry. I didn't know him. At all. But I know how it feels to lose someone like that and even though it doesn't seem like it, life will go on and you can't get mad at yourself for living still. I know I did.
thanks traylor thats sweet of u thanks
No problem
Even tho I didn't know him I bet he was a good kid,making everyone around him feel like especially you feel special. I to had that experience with a love one that i lost in April named Kyra Quin. I felt so sick to my stomach when her friend Anne told me what happened to her, tbh from that day on i wished that I had not moved outta Orlando with my mom and stay their with my pops and that mabe on that day of the incident we both could of been some place else having fun and that that car crash would of never happened..and from this day I still think about more than any other girl in the whole world...So i know how you feel, just keep your head up and just dont let it get to you physically..
I really didn't know him but I do know what it feels like to lose a loved one, so I'm really sorry for your loss and he's in a better place now and he's not suffering. He's finally at peace and someday you guys will be together again (:
@bobbylynn when ever you need people to talk to we are all here for you Justin really did love you can tell that by his selfless act when he told you it's ok to move on that just speaks volumes about the kind of person he was. When ever you need some one to talk to i'm here and so are these guys :) hang in there ~ Sam
Even thoe i never `knew you RIP
aww i am sorry @bobbylynn but oh i dont know what to say this is not happening right plz someone tell me this isnt real

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