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Solve the following formula for the specified variable. C=1/4h(s+k) solve for s???

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if this was a normal equation, and all those variables were numbers, how would you solve for s? hint: try to get s by itself
It's been so long since i actually did this type of problem
i also have a question about the original question is it C=(1/4)h(s+k) or C=1/(4h(s+k))

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Other answers:

it's the first one that you put on there
the first and easiest thing to get rid of is the 1/4 if we want to re-write the equation, we could like this: c=(h(s+k))/4 since we are dividing by 4 on the right, we can multiply both sides by 4 to get closer to having s by itself (by moving the 4 over) we get: 4c=h(s+k) now, to get rid of that h notice its being multiplied by the quantity inside the parenthesis to move it to the other side, we need to divide both sides by h (4c)/h=s+k finally, subtract k from both sides to get your answer
ok im confused
ok so when i solved that i got 4c/h-k
is that right ?
you should get 4c=h(s+k)
That's what you got as the answer??
now, divide both sides by h
so the h on the one side would cancel and just leave me with s+k but i don't know what i would get on the other side
so my answr is going to be 4c/h=s +k??
you have to get s by itself subtract k from both sides
OMG!! I'm sooo lost
I thought that I just subracted something
it says solve for s that means you have to get s by itself
think of it this way if you have s+k and you want to get s by itself, wouldnt it be necessary to subtract k s+k-k=s
since you subtracted k from one side, you MUST subtract it from the other
ok im just confused on what im going to get i thought what i typed a minute ago was my answr
your answer is going to have s by itself on one side and a whole bunch of stuff on the other after you subtract k from both sides, the final answer is s=((4c)/h)-k
I thought that is what i put a minute ago
it was not. you hadnt subtracted k yet
Ok well i got that one wrong because the C was not capital
for r
I've got this stuff due tommorrow and im still not doen after this
r u there?
yes. sorry
its ok. r u working it or something
i got distracted
for this one, you can follow the exact same steps as the first one. Multiply both sides by 2 to get rid of the 1/2 divide both sides by f subtract k from both sides what do you get?
one sec
i even wrote the wrong problem
its ok, it happens
And I'm solving for r
thats the exact same
i got 2c/f-k but that's not right
where did you get a c theres no c in b=1/2f(r+k)
i have no idea
i got that one may i ask another onee
that is my next one
hmmm give me a sec
ok start by simplifying sqrt((xy)^2)=xy yes?
I guess i don't know lol
it is. trust me anyway, on the top, you can simplify sqrt(x^5y^9) to sqrt(x^4y^8)*sqrt(xy) sqrt(x^4y^8)=x^2*y^4 so 7x^2y^4*sqrt(xy) ---------------- 3xy one x and 1 y on the top and bottom cancel answer: (7xy^3*sqrt(xy))/3
can u draw that for me because it's hard for me to read and understand it
is that 3 suppose to be with the root?
or is it with the Y?
its with the y
were the original numbers with the root or were they outside?
because i put it with the y and it said it was wrong.
they were on the outside of the root but they were part of the root
were the original numbers (the 3 and 7) with the root or in front of it?
they were in front
that changes the answer then i assumed they were not part of the root; i assumed they were multiplied by it my mistake
like that
it's fine
\[\sqrt[7]{x ^{5}y ^{9}} or 7\sqrt{x ^{5}y ^{9}}\]
ok what is that
which is it?
is that the answer?
the first one
yea. when i solved it the first time i did it like the 2nd choice the new answer is|dw:1351650440270:dw|
so my y is on the outside??
you cant simplify the bottom at all, and the top can be just a little bit
what u mean
im just saying the answer is the one i drew the reason is given in the post after that
that wasn't correct
is the 3 part of the root like the 7 is?
another answer is |dw:1351651467504:dw|
i apologize for any incorrect answers

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