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How many images will be formed if two mirrors are fitted on adjustment walls and one mirror on ceiling? a-2 b-5 c-7 d-11

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please help when u back @ghazi @experimentX
Doesnt it depend on what angle you are looking from?
that is only written and i think they mean it will looks like a room |dw:1351708086154:dw|

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Other answers:

i draw what i understand from the problem
@AvengerVirus The figure you have dra|dw:1351708439753:dw|wn. If an object is kept between the two mirrors. Infinite no. of images will be formed.
but the problem say nothing about object so that i don't understand what it mean
I mean from what i am seeing i only see like 6 views.. O_O if thats even possible.. And you just confused me .. -_-
I think the two mirrors are on the same wall, otherwise we'd have infinite no. of images. Figure should be like this|dw:1351708694076:dw| M1,2 ,3 are the mirrors.
M1 and M3 have an angle of 90, how many images form if mirrors have an angle of 90?
Then wouldnt it have the reflection of what is on the other mirror?
may the angel between M1 & M2 is 90 and M3 is up can u draw that i will try
then the angle between each of them will be 90 could that be right ?
M1 and M2 are on the same wall. There won't be any secondary images between them. Just primary images.
my pic has 3 walls so that could be the meaning of the problem ?
so in M1 and M2 we can see 3 images right ?
Yeah that could be right.
M1 and M2 will have two primary and one secondary. same goes for M2 and M3, M1 and M3 We'll have totally 3 primary and 3 secondary images. 6 images totally
That's not even in the options
oops, then the two mirrors will be on the same wall.
there is formula say 360/n-1 where n is the angle but it calculate the image that comes out of two mirrors is there any one for three mirrors ?
not on same wall adjacent walls that is at 90 degree
yes that is right but do u have any idea how to know all the images @03225186213
if u stand in front of one mirror and see your images then there will be 5 images
on the mirrors that adjusted on the wall i can see 3 so u mean 2 on the ceiling's mirror ?
one u will see in front mirror 2nd u will see in side mirror and when u looks up it wiil give your 3rd image as well as two other mirrors image in which u will see your image 4th 5th
thats my idea solve it practically by going to hair saloon
even than i won't be able to find a ceiling mirror :)
@AvengerVirus you have got three mirrors this time right? and did you get your answer?
not yet
is it three mirror system this way? |dw:1351715664451:dw|
well the answer is 7
then it's 11
it should be 12 but due to imposition of one image it will be 12-1=11
could u explain how ?
did u used that formula ?
use the same formula for the pair of mirrors and then there will be total of 12 with one image imposed by all three, like the mirror on ceiling with one mirror at 90 degrees will give four images, similarly with other it will give 4 and the two mirror adjacent to each other will give 4 total of 12 but one less
but the formula say 360/90-1 and that equal 3 why u say 4
oops a big mistake, it will be 7 i was writing this
it is total of 9 images and two of them are imposed on each other so i am sure it's 7 , up to my knowledge
is there a possibility that the other 2 image won't be imposed on each other ?
yes there is if they are not placed at right angle to each other
so if the angle wasn't 90 we will calculate all the image like 60 360/60-1 = 5 then it will be 15 and we won't say any image is imposed to other right ?
there are certain angles at which imposition occurs like 30, 60 90 but if we talk about 33.45 there might not be an imposition , but still there is possibility
ok but how u knew that they will be only two ?
is there any princible for that ?
this is what i studied ages ago lol, sorry for that and still i remember you can look up in articles on google you will get to know a lot i am sure
so i say 7 with 90 % :D
i guess with 95% :)
@ghazi what about this explanation Images I1 and I2 are primary images formed by the two plane mirrors. Image I3 was found by reflecting image I2 across the extension of the top mirror. And image I4 was found by reflecting the image I1 across the side mirror.
1 Attachment
@ghazi i think now am 99.99% as let's say three images one on each mirror and three others one on each crease and the last one at the point where they all meet then they r 7 do u agree with that ??

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