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What is a good way to describe America culture

Language and Culture
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big macs
^LMFAO I was gonna say that
awesome minds think alike

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Other answers:

I was wanting to know things like family values because I know there are different values because we have an arrange of people living in the States. Just something other then the BigMac's which is good because you know the fast food and everything.
family values? it depends on the family.
Yeah, I was gonna say they differ from each family. You'd have to get multiple answers from people. Not everyone is the same, so keep that in mind when asking questions like this. Try to be a bit more specific(because big macs what the best answer so far, no joke). Within my family, values are each other. (Okay, thats what my mom says, but MY answer is different) My values would be..umm..not even family. It would be my own thing.
Weel I was just expecting morerather then food but I understand that everyones answer. It was meant to be an open question.
How about if you were a visiting America what would stand out if you see the people?
let's see. well, there is the one Agent said. each other. also, to do the right thing. does that help?
What would stand out? Well, for one, the McDonald's sign. But, people cuss a lot here. And they're mean. Depending on what state you're in.
this is pretty hard. i thought this would be easier.
Do you think little gestures like smiling or slightly picking up your head to gesture what’s up are used quite a bit?
Waving is used a lot. Head nodding. Flipping the bird... ._.
yeah. there is also a very special gesture we use with our hands. that's used a lot.
rmaker408 are you talking about the head nobbing
@simpre > How about if you were a visiting America what would stand out if you see the people? It really depends on what part of the USA you are visiting and the specific people you encounter. The USA is such a huge country, with such incredible variation among its people, it's hard to pin down one specific characteristic that would apply to *all* of them. Also, here is a map about the distance to the nearest McDonalds over the lower 48. :) Dark = McDonalds is far away Light = McDonalds is close
Assuming that you are talking about the USA, it is pretty difficult to describe the culture briefly since there is so much variety throughout the large country (as people have been saying). As a person who was born in Washington state and has lived there all my life, I will tell you what I make of my culture. First off, McDonalds is a thing of the past -- it doesn't even feel like a relevant joke anymore! After the movie Supersize Me, McDonalds' status rapidly changed. Yes, it is still everywhere, but people are not nearly as into it as they were in the past. I think that American culture is constantly changing and taking significant turns with each generation. I think this is due to the fact that America is such a young country with little cultural depth, meaning there is little to build off of, while on the other hand there is a multitude of new culture coming in not only from various other cultures (as the "melting pot" that America is) but also from American media and America's love for the internet. Which reminds me -- the internet has massively changed my generation's culture and those that followed. The internet has changed how we talk, how we joke, how we think and how we live in too many ways for me to go into right here. I think I have already written too much! (sorry, I am a new user)

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