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Can someone help me out. **BECOME FAN** **GIVE MEDALS** Q-) Can someone tell me briefly account on MOLES.

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plz help me

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Other answers:

mole is just a counting number. like, dozen = 12, mole = some number
yaa then
like some examples
thats the concept. to count small particles in relation to mass, we use moles in chemistry
do u have any specific question
il have to think of an example...
no but i don't understand the formula of mole
forget about the formula. therez no formula. mole is not a theory. its just a number, so we use the number in conversions.
u wud be okay with mole, if u are familiar with dimensional analysis
n(mole)=atomic weight/molar mass
ok do u knw below two things : 1) atomic mass 2) molar mass
could u tell me what they are
atomic mass means the atomic mass (ma) is the mass of a specific isotope, most often expressed in unified atomic mass units
the molar mass M is a physical property. It is defined as the mass of a given substance
partially correct.
so whats that
in periodic table, the mass of each element is shown in unit amu, relative to carbon right ?
N has a mass of 14 amu, Also, if u take one mole of N atoms, they would weigh 14 grams.
thats the relation between 'mole and grams'
ok then
mol is just a number 6.02214179×10^23
u need to know whats a mole a part of chemistry called physical chemistry...u need to calculate mass volume etc of chemical substances....for measure the number of molecules atoms etc of the compound in a given sample...we use the term gives us the number of atoms or the given amount of accualy is 6.023* \[10^{23}\] units....just as a dozen means 12 one mole of money means...6.023*10^23 rupess...
so u can use the ratio \(\frac{1 mol}{atomic\ mass}\) in your conversions
to converst between \(mol \) and \(grams\)
what is the formula of mole
a mole describes a fixed number of similar atoms or molecules a dozen means 12, a mole of nitrogen gas means 6.022x10^23 molecules of nitrogen gas
yaa i know but what's the formula of mole
1 mole = 6.022x10^23
now the mole is very special....since all that atomic weight u see is the weight of one mole of an atom in grams....same for moleclar wt.....also....for any mole of the gas occupies a volume of 22.4 litres at now u know that moles=Mass of the given specimen/ mol or atomic masss ( accordingly if its a molecule or an atom that the specimen is made of)
no how can we derive it
yaa thats what i have
@amriju can you give me examples of mole
lets work out the example/question u had asked before, whats that ?
lets say u have 200 grams of NaCl...can u find out the number of moles..?
lets not go to the compound level in the starting itself
lets take an example which involves element only
Na=23g and Cl=35.5g NaCl has a molecular mass of.?
ok great u seem to be having some idea of things already :)
200/58.5 moles
another some dificult
now find the number of moles of sodium ions in it....
not so much difficult wats the answer..?
23 of \[Na^+\]
number of moles of Na+
23g of Na+
thats the weight of Na+...i want the numbr of moles of it
sorry.. i don't know
did u get the question
question is this : find number of moles of Na+ in 2000 grams of NaCl
how can you identify question @sara12345
the number of moles of Na+ is the same as the number of moles of NaCl, which is 2000/58.5 moles
ok....u found the number of moles of nacl...k?..lets hav another ques...find the number of Na+ ions in a dozen of NaCl molecules
did i barge in
@mayankdevnani answer my ques...
yaa you can @rduncan16
i don't get answer @amriju help me!!!!
cuz i can give u the actuial formulia
yaa you can
how many Na+ atoms r there in 1 nacl molecule....nacl=na+ +cl-.....
so its 58.5g
hmm, whats the question, something about a mole?
how many Na+ atoms r there in 1 nacl molecule
the NaCl molecule has one sodium atom and one chlorine atom only
one mole of NaCl has 6x10^23 molecules, so in one mole of NaCl there will be 6x10^23 sodiums and 6x10^23 chlorines
easy ?
no so whats the answer
the H_2O molecule has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom one mole of H_2O has 6x10^23 molecules, so in one mole of H_2O there will be 12x10^23 Hydrogens and 6x10^23 Oxygens
what was your question exactly?
how many Na+ atoms r there in 1 nacl molecule
friend, precicely this is the reason, i hinted u to take an example that contains only elements
when we are studying the concept of mole, it makes no sense to deal with compounds.
compounds wil come much later
this is the logical order we study things in chemistry : 1) atoms- models 2) compounds 3) reactions
mol concept is very basic, we learn it along with atomic mass and molar mass, in first module, atoms-models
once we get confident with atoms, mole conversions to grams and number of atoms, fully, we move to next module compounds.
sorry... meet tomorrow... thnx...for coming ....will be right back ...i tag you
NaCl is an ionic compound, which will not make sense to u, when we r living in module 1
ok, mean while try to work this simple q : whats the mass of 2.35 moles of carbon ?
we know 12 g of carbon is a mole
you could use that
and another example : how many moles are in 100 grams of carbon ?
@amriju plz ask any question
plz @amriju for practise
i cant help u here...bring me ques..i can help...but i cant really form tough ques...:(
no... ask any question pklzz
k....water was poured on sulphuric acid....making the temperature of the flask around 300 degrees and causing 25 percent of acid to vaporise...if the volume of the acid in gaseous state was x cc find 1) the number of moles of acid..2) total weight of the acid before water was poured
this is a pretty tough ques...
yaa well try this...isme kya bura hai
tumne charles nd boyles law kr liye ho..?

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