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How do i become very smart? i want to get all A's and do all my school work on time. And become ver smart haha. but the thing is im super lazy, i dont even read my school work i just skip to the test and cheat on every single thing. i go to bed a 4am and i wake up at 2pm its awful. how can i change and become very smart to the point that i make the best grades and actually learn. Can you give me a full list of details please?

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first set a time that you need to go to bed each night for example your goal good be 11 and you could start by going to bed at midnight then 11:50 then 11:40 so forth so on till you got\ to bed at 11.
Maybe set a goal for what you want achieve, take notes and memorize things while studying, Ask questions maybe asking questions will help you pay better attention in school, Study at home in a queit place with no distractions or with friends to make it fun, put effort into you're work and disciple yourself so that you get the work done yourself and not just cheat, maybe get help from a tutor or find resources online that will help you but not give you the answers, study during holidays and vacation especially in summer so that you are prepared for the school year, maybe think of a what you want to do when you grow up and maybe push yourself in school so that you know you will be able to achieve what you want.
Be a posotive person and set yourself some goals!

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I'm pretty lazy myself, but I found that it's not hard to get A's if you simply pay very good attention in class and take notes. Also, find out what your learning style is--do you learn better by reading, writing, seeing pictures, working in groups...? I think the key here is to find out what kind of learning really interests you. I've always done well in school because I always find ways to twist boring assignments into things I genuinely find fun. For example, an assignment like "write a dialogue about a food controversy" can be turned into an apocalyptic play about cannibalism in space.
thats a good way of putting it
Read my friend. read and experience. that's all.

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