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1. European expansion was driven by all of the following EXCEPT (1 point) wealth and trade. religous zeal. political ambition. fear of African empires. 2. The Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494 gave Spain control of almost all of (1 point) Africa. Asia. Europe. the Americas. 3. The Aztec rulers of Mexico fought against the forces of which Spanish warrior? (1 point) Hernan Cortes Francisco Pizarro Bartolome de Las Casas Pedro Alvares Cabral 4. The English established colonies or trade relations in all of the following locations EXCEPT (1 point)
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1 - Fear of African empires. Religion played a distinct role, especially when it came to the Spanish Empire following the Reconquista. The other was political for the simplest of reasons -- the more land you had, the more resources you could exploit. But few European states feared the African empires, at least in comparison to their concern over those in the Middle East knocking on their door from Asia Minor. 2. the Americas No one knew the full extent of what was out there when the Treaty was signed, or Portugal might have had second thoughts. Negotiators only wanted to resolve the dispute between Portugal and Spain over the disposition of their claims on the New World. One legacy left behind by the Treaty is that Portuguese remains the official language of Brazil while Spanish is often found in the rest of South America. 3. Hernan Cortes ...who is popularly known for defeating the Aztec empire with "only" 500 men and horse because of their superior technology, tactics, and because they first thought of him as the god Quetzalcoatl. What is often glossed over is that Cortes had also made alliances with the enemies and disgruntled vassals of the Aztecs working through a native interpreter. The Aztecs made quite a number of foes and more than a few of them were eager to ally themselves with this strange man from across the ocean to their advantage.
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@Captain_Page_Turner... very good job on the responses.. most people I see on here just give answers, but have nothing to back their answer... its good to see that someone actually provides proof of the answer and still help someone learn!

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