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Can you guys plz help me get started on my essay? (materials on the bottom)

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In this unit, you will see that Americans made many different choices about their lives. During the 1830’s and 1840’s, many Americans decided that it was time to work to make America a better place in which to live. This movement for reform was directly tied to the Christian religion. Many Americans had just received a boost in their religious feelings from the Second Great Awakening. They believed that God wanted them to make their neighbors’ lives better. Your assignment is to write a five-paragraph essay as a teenager who lived during the 1830’s and 1840’s in America. You are to explain three reasons why you decided to join a certain reform movement. You would have had several to choose from: the Temperance Movement the Abolition Movement the movement to improve the living conditions for the mentally insane the women’s rights movement the movement to reform conditions in the workplace In your three reasons include: Why reform is needed in this area at this time in American history. The goals of the Reform Movement and the leaders who are working hard to make the goals a reality. The reasons that the goals of the movement match your values.
have ya finished it?
choose which movement to write about by searching which ones where in the 1820-30s. then research. Then answer. hope that helped.

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Other answers:

Nope i havent even started.. dont know how.
Yeahh that does help but not sure wat movement.. nd how to start
search on google "what movement happened between the 1820-30s?" see what it gives.
Okk i will do that thanks
It doesnt really give me anythin :/
Always pick something interesting to you - that makes it slightly less horrible to do these kinds of assignments: the Temperance Movement - anti booze: do they still have DARE in schools? Anyway there are some really crazy people involved with the temp movement - Carrie Nation wooo and lots of cool political style cartoons the Abolition Movement - anti slavery - meh the movement to improve the living conditions for the mentally insane - aaak too depressing unless you like that sort of thing the women’s rights movement - check out "Seneca Falls Convention" it is right at the end of the period but lots of interesting ladies doing interesting stuff the movement to reform conditions in the workplace - what do you mean you don't want to burn up in a factory fire: get back to work young lady. And take your baby with you and get that 6 year old back to work too, slackers.
@kantalope thanks!! that helps alot!! :D

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