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ALMOST DONE!! Which statement best describes the role of yellow journalism in the weeks following the destruction of the Maine? Sensational stories led to increased calls for American intervention against Spain. Investigative reports uncovered war crimes by both the Spanish and the Cuban rebels. News coverage stirred American sympathy toward Spain and other imperialist powers. Increased newspaper circulation, especially in the Caribbean, built support for the Cuban rebels @Captain_Page_Turner @SWAG
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Definitely the first option - sensational stories led to increased calls for American intervention against Spain. It's one of the worst kinds of journalism out there, but this example shows how a well written piece can influence a lot of people who don't know, or can't do the research, to find the truth. Back then, newspapers were the internet of the day with the inside track on worldwide events, so what was printed was often considered the "truth" -- much like some things on the internet now.

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