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Write a conversation between you and a friend in which you converse about what the weather is like and what you are going to wear as a result of the weather conditions. Write at least 12 lines of conversation and each line needs to have at least four words. Use complete sentences please3

Language and Culture
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In English..? Or any other language?
in spanish.
Alright, I can help. Hola amigo, como estas? Muy bien, gracias. Esta algo frio no crees? Si, si esta frio. Llovio anoche. Escuchaste? No, no escuche la lluvia. Estaba muy dormido. Oh, dicen que va a seguir lloviendo toda la semana. En serio? Que bueno, me encanta la lluvia. Deberiamos abrigarnos. Si, buena idea. Voy a ir a la case y me voy a poner un abrigo, un gorra, y una bufanda. Y tu? You me voy a poner mi abrigo rojo. Y mis botas negras. Oh, yo tambien me deberia poner mis botas. Y tambien unos guantes. Bueno, vamos a nuestras casas a cambiarnos. Muy bien, nos vemos alrato.

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Other answers:

that you and @Hellokalii the english translation of this is Hello friend, how are you? Very well, thank you. This something cold not you think? Yes, if it is cold. It rained last night. Hear? No, do not listen to the rain. I was very sleepy. Oh, say it will continue raining all week. Seriously? How nice, I love the rain. We should take shelter. Yeah, good idea. I'm going to marry and I'm going to put a coat, a hat and a scarf. And you? You I'll put my red coat. And my black boots. Oh, I also should put my boots. And also some gloves. Well, come to our homes to move. All right, see you alrato.

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