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whats your questions?
OKay so i am doing this dialogue and I dont how to finish it can you please help me
sorry i cant help you on this one

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Other answers:

how come
I really need it just please is anyone out there to help
I already have half of it done i just need a few more things
i can help
yeah sure.
okay well do you wanna know what the directions are and what i have so far
okay one sec
What did each person believe about imperialism? (Mark and Keith) • How did they work in support of or in opposition to imperialism? • Were there any key events in their lives that affected their beliefs about imperialism? Step 4: Research Analysis Before you write your dialogue, reflect on the information you learned while researching your issue. Write down your thoughts on the following questions; you will need the answers to complete your dialogue. ( that's the directions for it i thought that you would wanna know them..) • What is each person’s opinion on the issue? • What facts or reasoning back up their opinion? • What would person A say about person B’s opinion and vice versa? Now, I need help with my dialogue ----- here is what the directions say write your dialogue between two people on different sides of the issue. Make sure to address the following issues in your final product: • Start out your dialogue with each person stating their opinion on the issue. This opinion should be about a paragraph long. • Spend the rest of the conversation with the two people responding to each other about their dreams. • Use the following format to write your dialogue Person 1: I believe that . . . Person 2: Nonsense. Your . . . Person 1: That is not true. I .. . --------- h and she said this too • You may wish to have the people ask one another questions. • Focus the dialogue on the specific issues. Although they may criticize or challenge each other’s beliefs, the conversation should not become a name-calling session. Have each person comment on the other person’s opinions. • Your dialogue should be based on both historical fact and imaginative details derived from historical fact. and this is what i got soo far First let’s see who the characters are: First up is Mark Twain- Obviously he is the ant- imperialist and he has stated that in much in his interviews and a quotes. He was not happy about what happened in the Philippines, for example, and he believed the US should not have interfered in the affairs of others countries and instead he thought they should stand up for their beliefs in representing themselves. Next, is Keith C. – Alright he was not against the imperialism, he was also a businessman through his actions eventually led to the United Fruit Company, his real passion was railroads – particularly those in Costa Rica. Long story short, the Costa Ricans couldn't pay for the railroad they took loans out for, so Keith took over the project and ended up owning a huge amount of land (along with the railroad). Because of him, and his interest in growing bananas as a cash crop, he changed the economy of Costa Rica turning it into a giant plantation that was dependent on his businesses. The Conversation— Twain- “Isn’t it more important to help a person stand on their two feet if they have not the means to do so with wisdom and patience? Keith- “But means can often be expensive, and if a person cannot raise themselves up from the ground, the world would not wait for them to do so. In business, time is money, and all I have done is to pave the way with my railroad and the fruits that their labor will bring to the world.” Twain- “But at the same time, you enslave the people through the pockets of them, and make them dependent on what you can only provide.” You are teaching them nothing, other than exploit them for what they can do for your business. Through they cannot see above the banana groves you have planted, it is not for lack of trying.” Keith: "But even you yourself thought that it would be a fine thing for the US to spread its wings over the Pacific, such as over the Philippines. If one has the power to make change, then what does it matter the means?" Twain: "I did, once. I'll freely admit that. But no one man knows everything at any one moment in time. Their minds do not idle and I have learned how much of a tragedy such a view has become. It would have been better to support the Filipinos, but instead, what we have done is conquer them. The means do not always justify the ends
oh dear god. umm. this might take awhile. Can u wait?
How long?
done. what are your questions?
how can i finish it so i can complete it
You can help right?
please say yes i really need help
At the end, Keith should say something that says that says that we didn't conquer the Philippians but rather helped them. Then Twain says something that destroys what Keith said. and that's where it ends.
but i kinda need more then just that please
please it would be amazing if you did :)
Well that's a basic outline. What Keith said should say is basically that, just add some evidence. what Twain would say like that the Philippians didn't want help in the first place, or something like that.
can you give me some examples i am like brain dead right now and i have had so much homework so i cant concentrate please
you dont mind do you
Keith- "The Philippians needed the help. Without our help their whole economy could have been destroyed. The Philippians could have died without the money. We helped them. We didn't conquer them. Twain- "Did we really help them? I think you rather helped yourself. If I'm correct you now own a rather large amount of land in Costa Rica? Am I right?" Keith- "Yes, that's correct." Twain- "You helped yourself when the Costa Rican economy was failing. You made a business that is totally dependent upon yours. How is that helping them? The same thing could have happened in the Philippians. The Philippians could have gotten back up by themselves. We wasted much time and money in a place that didn't need our help. How is that helping them?" That's all I got. Twain wins and Keith loses.
Thank you so much
np. happy to help.
these parts fit in the dialogue right
Thanks. do u need anymore help?
umm idk think soo omg you have to be kidding me i need one more freakin thing but you dnt have anymore stuff left :(
sorry. :(
its okay

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