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Please help me!!!!!!!!!! :((((((

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@JakeV8 if u are free can you able to help me with it :)
@phi can you able to help me wit this?

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Other answers:

What is it that you needed help understanding?
Question i added already, u can see it, up there
no i know but i mean i know what the answer is and I'm pretty sure i'm right, but I was asking more so as to why you gave 24 as the answer
In other words explain to me your reasoning
Thought i have to multiply, 6*4
The question is asking for what length of fencing you need to enclose the garden, what you are doing is finding the area which would be the same as saying that you wanted to fill the whole inner spacing of the garden rather what we really want which is around the outside of the garden
Does that help?
No i cant really get it
Basically what the question is asking is for you to find the perimeter of the figure that is shown.
Do you know how to go about find the perimeter of an object?
Actually i forgot
When you find the perimeter of an object, let's us an example of a square and lets say that we know the lengths of all the sides of the square
It is tough to me, i think we need to break that shape
basically what we do to find the perimeter is to find the "fencing" or the sum of the lengths of the outside of the box
yes for this case, the box that i provided it would be 16
But it is not in the option
So how can it be?
No i know I provided an example that I made up just now
My example was to help you understand trying to find the perimeter of something
So now that you know that all you need to do is add up the lengths of all the sides, try doing it for the problem that was given to you
13 :)
Thank u sooooooo much!!!!!!!! your amazing!!!!!!!! wow!
thanks alot :)
No problem but that isnt the answer
20 is the answer
How ?
Don't forget to count the sides that have no length to them
thats make me problem, those are unknown, so how will i ?
do it ?
You need to find the lengths of x and then you need to find the length of y
But how will. i do it?
Well you can notice that the object is not a full rectangle, it almost appears as if a piece was taken out of it
so then...
This is was the object would look like if we "added" the missing piece to it
4 more or what?
Let me explain my picture here so i don't confuse
Basically since i added a piece to make it into a rectangle, we notice that for the right side of the completed rectangle.....when we add the missing piece, that side must be the same length as the other side and we see that the other side (the left side) has a length of 4......the same thing applies for the bottom part.....we notice that now that i added the missing piece to form a perfect rectangle, the bottom needs to be the same length as the top so the bottom (with the missing piece) need to be 6 just like the length of the top
So then with this final picture we can see that when we take the missing piece back out, we have the picture that is given as your problem but we still notice that the bottom needs to equal to a length of 6 and the right side needs to equal to a length of 4
so to make things more simple, to find the length of x we need to think " 2 + what = 6" and to find the length of y we need to think "1 + what = 4
and 5
So you think that x is 8 and y is 5?
yes u told to add, thats y
I meant to say one plus what number equals 4 to find x
oops sorry i meant y
so one plus "a number" equals 4 to find y
and 2 plus "a number" equals 6 to find x
5 and 8, isnt it?
hold on, i will be back in a min
pls dont go anywhere
thank you so so much! :)
Well so what you are saying when you say that x = 5 and y= 8 is that 2 + 5 = 6 and 1 + 8 = 4
8 + 1 would be the 4?
it suppose to be 9?
let me restate what i was trying to ask
oh ok
1 + y = 4 2 + x = 6
and I'm asking you to solve for y in the first equation
and then solve for x in the second equation
y is 5 and x is 8, right?
Not quite, let me show you how to do the first one and then try to do the second one by yourself again
so the -1 under the 1 and the 4 shows that i subtracted 1 from both sides so that i could get rid of the one that was connected to the y
also the way I got rid of the 1 from the right is that we know that the one on the left side is a positive one and to get rid of it we want to make that one turn to a we subtract from a positive one so that 1- 1 = 0 which is how we can get the y by itself
second is 4
Yes you are right for the second one
x = 4
same way i have to subtract
got this
so then now we know what y is and x is then we put them in for the lengths of the object
and add the lengths of all the sides
6 + 4 + 2 + 7 + 1 = 20
Wow, thats a long process, thank you so much @juanjohnguy !!! your totally amazing
:) thank you so much helping alot with toleratin me, i m such a pain abt math
i m so sorry i already kept you so long with this
Oh it's not problem, I'm just glad you understand now
And don't worry about it, I'm working on homework right now so while you where typing and trying to understand i was doing my homework
Thank you so much :) you make this happend , it wasnt possible for me to understand
your too great!
ok you should go now, do your work cuz i took alot of ur time
i m so sorry
No reason to be sorry, as I said i'm just glad that you where able to understand
:) thanks alot!
No problem :)

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