• Schrodinger
I have several folders where the creation dates of the directory itself follow the creation dates of files, e.g: C:\Program Files\Blablabla ---> Created: x/x/2011 C:\Program Files\Blablabla ---> Created x/x/2009 Anyone know why the heck this could be? How could the directory of a set of files be created after the files themselves? And i'm not referring to programs I ever use, not even really background programs, but just preinstalled programs that i've never touched, ever. I could understand files within the folder being created after, obviously, but not vice versa.
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  • Stacey Warren - Expert
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  • Schrodinger
Oops. The post above was supposed to read: C:\Program Files\Blablabla ---> Created: x/x/2011 C:\Program Files\Blablabla\Genericfile.??? ---> Created x/x/2009 Obviously, a folder could be created and then preexisting files could be imported into the folder, but that isn't the case with several of these unless they (these seriously aren't background programs, they're useless stuff with pretty much no type of internet connectivity or integration into browsers or networking that have no way to communicate with other devices/periphery/computers unless a user actively made them to do so) have been active without me knowing at all.
  • rsmith6559
The file could be created at any time and then copied into a new directory. BTW, I believe that Macs are the only ones that have a creation time. ctime is usually the time that the metadata was changed. In the case of a directory that could be adding or removing a file.

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