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challenge to all which therotically would be a better lubricant for machinery silane or graphite iknow it doyou just a game or brainstormer be logical>>>>>>>!!!!!!

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idk lol

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Other answers:

Water vapor is a necessary component for graphite lubrication.
@mayankdevnani are u with an answer
whats it and why
Water vapor is a necessary component for graphite lubrication. The adsorption of water reduces the bonding energy between the hexagonal planes of the graphite to a lower level than the adhesion energy between a substrate and the graphite. Because water vapor is a requirement for lubrication, graphite is not effective in vacuum.
actually if u see graphite is made of c-c sp2 bond and silane of si-0-si .silane bond is very strong as compared to that of graphite moreover both have lubricating properties .but c bonds can easily break in high temp. of machine leading to soot formation and other by producys leading to formation of materials that can jam themachinery.well i didnt knew about u r reason thanks for that well one more favour can u tell me in which class u r in
11 class
Graphite is characterized by two main groups: natural and synthetic
The higher the carbon content and the degree of graphitization (high crystalline) the better the lubricity and resistance to oxidation in synthetic its lubricant is WATER VAPOR.
dang hes smart lol
ok @thinker1 then sorry i don't think
thnx.. @mikala1 you too..
ye go on
what? it's finish lol ...hahaha
but i have studied its lubricity mainly due to weak vanderwall's forces which enable slipping of one layer over other
it's another reason and in which class you are?
oh!!!!!!!1 sir
be with me for a second
thank you it's my limit
ok as you wish!
ok i got it i admire u r knowledge thanks and dont cal me sir only a yaer older than u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@thinker1 i completed your challenge!!!

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