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1. Identify the political boundaries of Central America. 2. Identify the bodies of water near the Central America and the Caribbean Regions. 3. Explain why emigration from Central America is increasing. 4. Identify the location of the Mayan ruins. 5. Define and identify archipelago. 6. Define and identify an isthmus in Central America. 7. Describe the importance of hieroglyphics in Mayan society. 8. Identify the two Islands that comprise Hispaniola. 9. Identify the civilization that is considered the mother-culture of pre-Hispanic Mexico. 10. Define: microloan. Describe how microloan

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11. Define: developing nation 12. Identify what serves as the basis for the diet of the Indians of Mesoamerica. 13. Describe the natural hazards of Central America. Why is Central America prone to earthquakes? 14. Describe the climate of Central America. 15. Identify the results of wave action. 16. Identify potential impacts of climate change on Central America. 17. Identify the contributions of Hernan Cortes to the history of Central America. 18. Identify who outlawed the Maya religion and burned all but four of their sacred bark-paper books in the 16th century. 19. Identify fair trade and when and why the practice started. Describe why the practice of fair trade spread from handicrafts to food. Describe the benefits of fair trade. 20. Define primogeniture.
21. Identify the greatest obstacle to democracy and stable political systems in Central America. 22. Identify why emigration from Central America has been “feminized” in recent years. 23. Describe why Belize is the only country in Central America not to have Spanish as its official language 24. Identify the location of the Panama Canal. Describe why it was built. How long does it take to pass through the Panama Canal? 25. Define sustainable agriculture. Why have most attempts at instituting sustainable farming practices failed? 26. Identify why the indigenous population in Central America is more likely to be poor. 27. Define: deforestation. Describe its impact on the environment. 28. Identify why the tropical rainforests of Central America are disappearing. 29. Define: ecotourism. What are the best ways in increase the availability of ecotourism? 30. Identify the prominent religion of the people of Central America.
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Other answers:

I can answer #1 for you.. The political boundaries of Central America go from Mexico to Panama.
But like Sheng said, you shouldn't expect someone to answer 30 questions for you.. Try and learn something and do your own homework.
its not an assignment its a study sheet and i got 92 anyways *tounge*
oh.. lol sorry i thought it was hw
and nice job on the 92%

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