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what were the reasons behind world war 2nd?

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@LonelyandForgotten can u help
the reasons were: a japanese attack on pearl harbor, and the german opression in austria and their unwilling power against the jews like putting them in camps, and mass killing
i am supposed to write a lot

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Other answers:

World war two was a war between the nations of America, Russia, Japan, Germany and many other allies and enemy entities. On December 7th, 1941 at 8.00am a surplus of Japanese kamikaze bombers flew sub zero fighter jets into naval vessels harbored in the military encampment of pearl harbor. Contrasting to this the Americans had declared war with Japan and all of her allies, Germany being one of them. An important Austro German leader Adolf hitler was a big role in the world wars, He had affected Britian which was the united states biggest allie. After his failed attempts in attacking Russia, and Britain, the allies decided to fight germany as well as Japan.
hows that?
thanx bro
the reasons were the German economy the marks were going down they will still in debt from ww1 and they were mad, Hitler failed art school got mad and slowly built up control from there the war went first into Europe and Hitler convince Japan and Italy to join forces with him, the reason the US when in was somewhat about pearl harbor what grade are you in?
thanks a lot guys
np :) if you need more details for a college essay i suggest wika anything else and you will be fine :)

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