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If You Were Gonna Propose To Someone, And They Only Way You Could Do It Was To Sing A Song To Them, What Would You Say?

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When I met you, I met my destiny. My one true love, You'll always be. All that I am, All that I do, All that I have Is wrapped up in you. If you feel the same, And I truly hope you do, There's something very important, That I want to ask of you. All of our future, All we can be, Rests on this precious moment... Instead of "you" and "I," Let's become "we." I'm asking you to share my life, Will you marry me?
*speechless* :'D

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Other answers:

WOW! dat was great that makes even me wanna marry u! lol jk guh it was still great lol
This is great and what makes it even better is my name is in it Lol!
I would say, baby your like air that revitalizes the soul you make my heart whole you warm me up when I feel cold you bring me up when I'm down and when you ain't been around I feel lost without you words can't describe how I feel about you you make my heart go boom boom boom out my chest you are the best i love you i love you I am the lock and you are the key i have just one question Will you marry me?
my* soul
AWWWWHHHH @ speechless* its so perfect!! ;D both of them ;D
Something to think about. I'm honestly not sure, have to think about that
:) Thanks
i would say "ayo *shows ring* get it"
Butterfly in the sky I can go twice as high Take a look It's in a book A Reading Rainbow I can go anywhere Friends to know And ways to grow A Reading Rainbow I can be anything Take a look It's in a book A Reading Rainbow A Reading Rainbow
Look I dont know if i ever told yu this but i cant picture living my life with out you Everything i ever told yu is not a lie, its 100% tru If yu want we can keep us a secret We wont have to tell anyone wat we do I stole yur heart the perfect crime, TBH yu also stole mines But wat can i say? I guess we were ment to be You say im your super heroe but TBH yu the one tht rescued me I was lost when yu came its like my heart screamed found! My love 4 yu will never tear down me and yu were met to be together so wats stoping us now? Good couple naaaaa perfect makes yu and me but the question is WILL YU MARRY ME?
Awwwwwwwwwh i would say yes haha :D
hahaha i just had to write a marry song or poem watever yu wanna call it, Awwwwwwwwwwwwww yu would?
Yessss! haha
lol :)
das so sweettttttt :)
Thanx Elise, yurs is real gud too
Ill Marry You
Naw, Rep, Ill Marry Rep
@Josuelito I would marry u ;D
LOL, ok
Will You Marry Me? Thats How Id Ask
awh!! id marry whoever asked me like that ;D
A kitten's growl would not come near the plights of your spoken voice.

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