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why we get A.C while most of our electric appliances works on D.C?

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because dc is not easy to tansmitt. . . it requires thick wires and doesn't last long distances. . .
well, rather, why do we use central AC instead of building-based DC power only for necessary stuff?
i cant understand your question please give an example of what you are asking. . .

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Other answers:

at this point I can see it's possible to live without centralized AC power distribution
waste of electricity is very significant
see electrical goods work on AC and electronic goods work on DC so please ask question in broader way so that i can understand what you want to know??
answer is very easy: people don't care
no dear you must ask clearly what you want to know. . . there would be more energy lose in dc transmission. . . because it requires thicker wires and thicker wires means more resistance. . . i want to know exactly whats your problem. . .
well every generator and motor produces AC which is after lot of process is converted to DC for the use, AC can easily be changed into higher and lower level by the help of transformer but in case of DC , conversion of DC from HVDC to low voltage DC is expensive and not easier, so we use and transmit AC and in appliances it is cheaper to install rectifier and obtain DC, basically engineering means economic solution therefore we use the best possible and cheapest way to get output @ahsanabbas97
government don't care
@theyatin transmission loss it more in AC not in DC
you don't have to transmit DC, so funny
it has to be BUILDING BASED
@ndwelsh what do you mean??
@theyatin: I mean, we can avoid AC power distribution
@ndwelsh don't laugh lol study about HVDC transmission please
oh my goodness dear you are talking about every building should have a dc power plant??
@ghazi: this is stupid, WE DON'T HAVE TO TRANSMIT ELECTRICITY!!!!!!
@theyatin: yes, battery-based
@ahsanabbas97: You can read all about your question here:
@ndwelsh i am sure you don't know what you are asking and i am not talking about transmission of electricity i am talking about transmission of power and you must read HVDC transmission before making any stupid claim , sorry
@ndwelsh: Yes, we could all use batteries the size of cars to run our homes...and what would charge them?
ndwelsh in that case there would be a minimum of 40% power loss in case you first store in battery and then battery discharge. . . additionaly for electrical instuments there is atleast 20% of power loss in inverter. . .
@ghazi, ok i'll read, hopefully you understand problem
sure mate :)
@theyatin: do you know how much power do we lose now for ability to have everything on spot?
look, they don't even know that, never heard of that before?
dont know brother but listen it is easy to generate AC easy to transmit cheap in production as well. DC is expensive as you can use solar panel for a building also you need to store dc but you dont need to store AC also if you eliminate need of transmission you have to convert DC to AC that also undergo power loss.
@Shane_B: what do you think would charge them? Of course, same power plants, but working in different modes
@ndwelsh dear powerplant means solar panels what other source you know that can generate dc?? and thats very expensive choice also very less efficient. . .
@theyatin: right now we are just WASTING IT, it's running away through fingers.
its cheap and easy to generate we can bear this loss. . .
@theyatin:I do not offer to get rid of power plants, but rather, to conserve electricity, and possibly to avoid wasting nuclear fuel
no we can't
though we need to work on transmission of AC so as to be more efficient. . .
@theyatin: do you know what is nuclear fuel?
listen dear we can avoid nuclear power plants by using more efficient power transmission of AC as right now in some countries 40% of power is only transmitted rest is wasted. . . but still it is more efficient than using DC.
it's not question if it's cheap, just try understanding this. it's question of wasting natural resources..... see how capitalism screws your brain
ok, so we have to avoid nuclear power
@ndwelsh yes dear i know i am masters in physics i know much about nuclear fuel. dear you are going away from the point of being efficient and easy to use. . . Long drive with your girlfriendis also a waste of natural resources. . .
it has to be expensive for those who waste it, but it's tricky to tackle that, you have to overview activity
you know, I'm switching to electricity-less way of living starting Jan 1, 2013 computer will run off of battery, lights will be only battery based
dear concept is AC or DC not renewable or conventional resources of energy . . . rather than environment freindly we must talk about efficiency price and productivity AC is also produced through dam as hydro-electricity.
I don't watch TV, and do not really need heat.... problem is hot water at this point.
dear you are not getting it charging a battery and discharging of battery wastes energy. . . that's stupidity coz you are wasting more energy in case the batteries are charged with renewable energy sources. . . than its environment friendly. . .
@theyatin: well, I have good flash lights, this seems sufficient
they last long
my electricity consumption is so tiny now, it's shame to abuse power plant with that, I can tell this much.
good you can save energy throw LED's and CFl bulbs and using more efficient household goods. . . but if you use batteries (chargeable not chemical) you are wasting more energy. . . its appreciable that you save electricity . . .
Believe me, this battle had been fought and AC won for the transmission of power.
like I said, you do not understand problem of abusing power plants and wasting nuclear fuel. @theyatin: how come I waste more energy this way?
@radar: and you know why? because people don't give flying f[..]k about this problem, they don't know about natural resources, they don't care, nobody even consider that as problem
Lot of appliances use AC, stoves, refrigerators, dryers, washing machines, etc. What applicance uses only DC?
@radar you are absolutely right. . . @ndwelsh dear if you charge a battery through main supply AC it wastes energy because battery can not conserve 100% electricity it gets batteries have very low efficiency for example to charge a 12V battery you must supply more than 14V. rest energy is wasted hence you waste more energy. in case you charge batteries with solar panel then you are conserving energy. . .
@radar: we have to live life differently. now it's question of conserving power. this what happens: they start developing things that rely on electricity rather than provide notation of living proper and healthy life
you promote abusive way of living
@theyatin: you are trying to fool me here; not everybody has to use batteries
@ndwelsh dear you are provoked please study facts and then decide. . . thousands of brilliant minds have been working for this concept including me :) . . . and please i am just telling instrumental facts you dont want to believe first study higher then talk to me. . .
If your argument is for the use of renewable energy sources, or solar power etc. O.K, But if you look at a solar powered residence. You will find batteries, and an INVERTER which converts the DC to AC for consumption in the residence (mainly for the AC operated appliances.
You have not proved that a DC source, and DC distribution is more efficiernt than AC transmission.
@theyatin: I studied enough, it is not question of my knowledge at this point; it's not arguable. @radar: I told you, it is not about distribution of power, it has to become decentralized, understood?
@theyatin: read about dirty electricity and loss power during transformation from high-voltage to street-level
and don't call me "dear" it sounds disgustingly patronizing
@theyatin: and then we will speak about power loss during battery recharge
Are suggesting that rather then a central hydroelectric power source, it would be more efficient to have millions of individual power sources? Like solar, diesel-electric, wind etc.? This sounds like something our government would come up with!
yeah, only we are wasting diesel now
So far the only thing I can think of that uses DC is entertainment systems lol.
i agree. and i think every ac equipment has its dc alternative, so its not a problem. u can have all dc gadgets in ur home. if one is aware and sensitive to energy + environment problems, he/she thinks differently... but govt + ppl dont knw anything. they just dont care. ideally i feel govt should promote more of these renewable energy generation things
@ganeshie8: agreed
Please demonsrate how a DC washing macnine is more efficient than a AC washing machine. Demonstrate how a DC motor is more efficient than an AC motor.
@radar: washing machines, you mean in laundries? @radar: DC motor, what do you mean by that?
for what?
riksha is best dc motor
and man-powered bicycle
Yes like the machine that is used to wash clothes. and DC motor means Direct Current motor.
@radar: we have to switch to decentralized way of living. you don't have to OWN washing machine, for that you will have to use laundries which has their own way of powering machines.
For 16 years, I lived without electricity, I would never willingly go back to that. Although we did have a Servel refrigerator that operated from Kerosene. that truly amazed me that a flaming wick, could produce ice.
I don't want to have to use a centralized laundry, I want power from a centralized power plant..
@radar: you have to be more specific about motors. what kind of appliance should that resemble?
@radar: we have to change, this is not easy.
Individualism is wonderful, freedom is great but I would go for centrtalized power plant for their efficiency and service to multitudes.
Gotta run, this is going nowhere.
@radar: again, read about dirty power
@radar: "I don't want" does not count
@ndwelsh you are hyper right now please calm down. its not a war. you are stil arguing not learning. . . your point is to use renewable energy but that does not proves DC superior to AC. we can use hydro power to produce electricity thats environment freindly. but still you are drifting away from topic rather you are arguing.
@theyatin: you can't compare that, they were developed for different purposes
yes still they are used for different purposes you are contradicting your own views. . . in case you were saying why cant we use DC on house hold base over AC there are a thousand of limitations. . . but still in case you are talking about photovoltaic panels?? they are made of semiconducters when disposed semiconductors will produce toxic compunds with environment so thts gonna pollute the world any way. . . so the most useable natural resource we have is hydro power and that also provides AC all we can do is make transmission more efficient and make more efficient appliences. . . @ndwelsh
@theyatin: i'm not really sure what you mean by contradicting my own views. we lose more power when powering from AC rather than using batteries. and we have to develop other appliances that do not rely on AC power or rather electricity at all. we are too used to that, it's disgusting waste of electric power.
and concerning problem of recycling semiconductors: just dispose that in Space :)
@ndwelsh who told you dc alternatives are more efficient?? i mean to say for example of AC and DC motors??? lol @ndwelsh you are being childish whatever we dispose in space would intrupt our satalites in their motion. . . you can not afford Billion Dollar project just to dispose a few hundred kg of waste in space. . . as Rocket cannot be loaded with heavy weight. . .
@ndwelsh why dont you understand charging a battery costs more waste of energy. . . only in case you charge then with solar energy would save energy. . . you are talking like a school kid. . . i have been working for two years to make more efficient solar panels and i have nearly invented a new kind of solar panels believe me no one here knows more than me on conserving energy or efficiency of appliances we use. . .
@theyatin: so how would you comment on dirty power and loss of electricity during transformation from high-voltage lines to street-level lines?
@theyatin: I didn't say DC appliances were more effective, however flash-lights are more effective than AC bulbs concerning other appliances, it depends on way of living, right now we are too accustomed to use of AC, and everything is developed that way. it's not hard to understand my words; paradigm of living has to change.
no comment?

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