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A poem... could be turned into a song maybe?

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Unwanted Days go by, unwanted It's hard to live without him Tears come without warning God bless them One day we'll see him again Happy, healthy and young But until then, Days go by, unwanted
hmmm short song :) its good tho :D

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Other answers:

  • hba
A song actually depends upon two things,Music And Lyrics-Music is going to decide whether you make it or break it,Lyrics are good but as @boss Said Short Song :)
It's a poem. I don't know if it could be turned into a song. If it's a song then I have to add to it.
  • hba
As i Said the Music decides its faith lol :D
Thanks I guess :P
Me gusta!
it could definately be turned into a song that alone would only be long enough for maybe a chorus but is good (:
your welcome :p
I also write poems and yes I do think that they can be turned into song... and p.s. I do like your poem it's pretty good.
Awh thanks! @NerdTime1997
actually I really like that
A poem can be turned into a song if you have the sound beat to match it.
Thanks @madieme96!! That means so much!
I think it would make an awesome song, It's a really cool poem.
@amber Thanks a lot. It's about my best friend who died.
aww i'm so sorry but its a wonderful poem/song
Thanks, and it's fine. You learn to live afterwards.
yeah my grandfather died when i was 6 i was sad and cried for months but like your poem says we'll see them again soon :)
I'm sorry. Yeah, my best friend was 19 years old. I'm still not over it, but I don't cry everyday anymore.
well i'm not over it either, but i dont cry too much either when i see videos of him i just smile and cry but its just when i see videos
Actually, a poem can be turned into a song, whether a song beat is used to match it or not. We have the wonderful form of "A Cappella."
You seem really smart and secretive Dean. And Amber, yeah I completely understand.
Yeah and i agree with Dean too
Bella, that was beautiful, very sincere and heart-felt:) For your friend, I say that what my friend that passed said, 'I want you to live for me"
Thanks brain-wreck7, that really means a lot to me. I don't know how else to say it.
Not a problem, love helping those in need with a few words of encouragement;P Hang in there, it gets better, Girl!!!!
nice job i liek it :D
sweet poem ,if you wanted maybe a fewmore lyrics and depending on the music, you would have a beautiful song. two of my relatives died last year.
I think it would make a good song :D good job!!
Thanks, I would love if someone would post some ideas of what the rest of the lyrics should be and I will work on the song.
just brain storming here but why not mention how much you used to think of him, or describe how he was to you how much you guys loved each other
I'm working on it. i'll post it and tag everyone or just post it in this one.
It's seems more of a poem than a song, but me gusta mucho, es hermoso. :D
yeah it is very nice poem and definitely it would be a great song:-)
Mui bien! :)
Thank you(:

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